Are you Rigid? LisaOnTheGo Blogger

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Are you Rigid? LisaOnTheGo Blogger

LisaOnTheGo's Definition of Rigid – Not being flexible, refusing to change or adapt to other ways. In retrospect, the attitude is “I am so right”.!

They're some rigid schedules for classes, transportation etc. to run smoothly and give flexibility for you to choose.

Regardless of the events, circumstances or situation the more rigid or intenseness that are present the more flexible we could be. This gives balance to our lives, being grounded. 

Are you being Rigid?

Here is an example: You’re in an exercise program (year-round) that could be taken anywhere, however they are on a timed schedule. Now you are on vacation and the timed program is at the time of a dinner reservation.

What do you do? Rigid vs Flexibility

Rigid? Everyone else is asked to follow your pattern, change the reservation and time, even the restaurant if they can’t accommodate you. Others do this too to keep the peace. You think you are at your peace since you received what you wanted, at your time, on your schedule.

In truth, this is being rigid and an ego gratification.

Flexibility could be canceled/postpone/reschedule the class. LISAonthego gets it, it’s being in a routine, important for your health. You could choose another comparable physical activity for the day. That could be done on your time, when it works for everyone, including you. This keeps peace with everyone and most importantly you and loving you. Also, you kept to the commitment for you on exercising.

Flexibility could be having gratitude, appreciation and respecting others where you are and whom you are with. Choose another other option for your program for that day. LISAonthego says come online participate in a yoga class with yourself or with your vacation friends at Spiritualfitnessonthego. You're getting your physical activity. Not alone and wow the bonding, fun moments that brings to people and vacations.

Flexibility brings creativity, fun and positive energy, Rigidness brings resentment, entitlement, and negative energies.

Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego


#Are you Rigid? Come learn some of the differences between being rigid and flexible? Does either work well, why or why not. Come read, listen, watch today's blog.

# “I am so right”.! 

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