Lesson 17

“I see no neutral things.”
This idea is another step in the direction of identifying cause and
effect as it really operates.You see no neutral things because you have
no neutral thoughts. It is always the thought that comes first, despite
the temptation to believe that it is really the other way around.This
is not the way the world thinks, but you must learn that it is the way
you think. If it were not so, perception would have no cause, and
would itself be the cause of reality. In view of its highly variable
nature, this is hardly likely.
In applying today’s idea, say to yourself, with eyes open:
“I see no neutral things because I have no neutral thoughts.”
Then look about you, resting your glance on each thing that catches
your eye long enough to say:
“I do not see a neutral _____, because my thoughts
about _____ are not neutral.”
For example, you might say:
“I do not see a neutral wall, because my thoughts
about walls are not neutral.”
“I do not see a neutral body, because my thoughts
about bodies are not neutral.”
As usual, it is essential to make no distinction between what you
believe to be animate or inanimate; pleasant or unpleasant. Regardless
of what you may believe, you do not see anything which is really alive
and really joyous. That is because you are unaware as yet of any
thoughts which are true, and therefore really happy.
Three or four specific practice periods are recommended, and no
less than three are required for maximum benefit, even if you experience
resistance. However, if you do, the length of the practice period may be
reduced to less than the minute or so which is otherwise recommended.

BRITNEY ADDED: I see no neutral things, because I have no neutral thoughts.

All of our thoughts, both good and bad, have effect. We will see the world according to what thoughts we hold in our mind about it. All of thoughts we share with God also have effects. So either the Source of our thoughts are fear, or the Source is God, either way we will see a world according to our thoughts about it.

Because our thoughts are not neutral, and we see no neutral thoughts in our experience, that means WE are responsible for our thinking, thus WE can change it. This is a liberating thought to know the Cause is in our mind, and the effect is in our experience. This is contrary to what man believes, but this is what God knows. In testing this thought for today out, we realize it is true.

In accepting responsibility for how we perceive the world, is how we let our mind go free through the application of Course lessons and forgiveness, so the world may be freed along with us.

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