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Do you want to change? Feel better about yourself? Change something physically or rediscover a whole new you? Get Results.

LISAonthego has experienced wanting to make changes. We all have a period of time in our lives that could be difficult and this is when we consciously make choices that we want to change. She realized she wanted a change and retrospectively kept doing the same things. She kept doing the same things even when she thought it was different and kept getting the same results. Once she went within and listened to herself she learned how to do things differently for results.

LISAonthego writes and talks about these changes she has made and how, yes how she has done it. It is not one modality it was several different ways that resonated for her. These tools, talks and activities are on Spiritualfitnessonthego.com and she evolves daily.

Making a change isn’t always easy and yet it was something she was compelled to do. The changes weren’t overnight either it takes time. LISAonthego now understands herself better and loves herself more. Spiritualfitnessonthego.com is to help you and LISAonthego make the changes in your life you want: whether you want an attitude change, see life from another perspective or physically doing life differently and being more involved with yourself to get results.

Sometimes it is recognizing that you do not like your, whatever this is for you, and know you want to change. Yet you keep yourself locked up in the same old beliefs. One of the mottos that helped LISAonthego “if you keep doing the same things, then no results”.

LISAonthego understands if she keeps doing the same things and it doesn’t change to get the results wanted; then why did she expect things to change? Because they are those times when in life things do change instantly like a lighten bolt. She kept thinking this could happen to her and it didn’t until she chose to take an action.

Action... made a difference in her life. This is a huge revelation for her and in the LISAonthego Blogs talks about how she makes the changes.

Start reading, watching (video below the writing of the blog) or listening today.

Have a great day. Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

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