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Guide your thoughts. How do you guide your thoughts? By forming a routine that works for you. You don’t like what you are thinking, concentrate, focus and purposefully change your thought. LISAonthego believes it is the one thing we do have control over and that is our thoughts. Let’s guide our thoughts to be happier. For beginners when going to sleep name the things you were truly appreciative and thankful for the day. One is called honoring yourself; meaning the obvious (health, family, friends etc). When awakening in the morning; start with positive thoughts; (if you want write it out). One thought is honoring you means the obvious (health, family, friends, etc). Find the “me time” each day whether you have a minute or more; and shape up: yoga, guided-meditation or listening to an inspirational talk, read a lesson in A Course of Miracles all online, on your time and on your own schedule at Most important find the time to connect with yourself and a family member or friend everyday, CONNECTION fills our souls; THOUGHTS fill our time and ACTION creates our life. Have a great day. Love, Laughter & Peace, #LISAonthego


PATH to happiness

ACTION creates our life

CONNECTION fills our souls

THOUGHTS fill our time

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