LISAonthego what is GMO? This video below defines what is GMO and some of the issues and concerns. However, money is the bottom line issue. As a society we find it acceptable to lie, cheat, jump up and down all in the name of money. Life experience has taught LISAonthego money only makes life easier not happier. LISAonthego understand we all want/need money for survival. Then money buys the more finer things in life, its nice, could be fun, look at me however at some point the money stops buying the owners, they have enough and the things that make there life easier. So what is the point to being greedy, do these owners, employees eat these foods too? LISAonthego doubts it they know the repercussions so then why is it acceptable for us? Labeling, why isn't GMO mentioned on labels? It is part of the food source. Give people the choice in what they want to consume.

LISAonthego's philosophy; treat others how you would want to be treated. However, life treats us what goes around,, does come around. When it does come around it will not be today or even tomorrow or who you think. The point if you are not eating these foods then don't ask us to either.

LISAonthego What is GMO?

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