LISAonthego One of those days? – #LISAonthego is having one of those days where nothing appears to be going right. There is the problem and then the words “being right”. She is so right that there is no peace, so how right is she. She has been focusing on one area in her life and it appears to be butterfingers so she talks to someone. The friends comment, drop it and go elsewhere. LISAonthego WHAT? WHAt? What? What? On here insides; You don’t understand, they don’t understand, LISAonthego understands, lol now the ego plays the story and drama again and again and LISAonthego is so right, but she is not at peace. This isn’t about her, the scenario is not being done to her, it is being done for her, to see life differently. Yes, she is right and yes she is not at peace. Now WHAT? LISAonthego says it needs to be changed, because she keeps doing the same things and awaiting different results. This isn’t going to happen by doing the same things. LISAonthego put herself on “me time” for the next few hours, to go within, quiet down and calm down. She is using the tools on to see life differently and what she could change for different results. It is rare to have “One of Those Days” and in trying to find the calmness she looks up Mercury Retrograde and yes we are in the post shadow intensified time. While Mercury is still moving slowly and has not speeded up, the effect of this phase tends to be felt more strongly. #LISAonthego laughs at herself, takes a deep breathe and now understands this is a gift for her to look at herself and make changes.

LISAonthego appreciates being redirected and looking into the mercury retrograde at Have a great day. Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

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ACTION creates our life,

CONNECTION fills our souls,

THOUGHTS fill our time,

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