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LISAonthego time of year, it is that time of year of adjustments. The weather is warmer, season changing, end of the school year, graduations, religious ceremonies, picnics/bbq, vacations etc. Half way through the year that we breathe, take a moment for ourselves, relax, where are we running to anyway? It’s the time of year for change, to contemplate where you were, where you are now and where you want to go. Even if you are not in school LISAonthego’s being is in this momentum each year it’s part of her life and now it’s inevitable. The past is gone, we have the here and now, choices to make that will be our future. #LISAonthego doesn’t have the answers just learning to trust, have faith and be in the moment. Does this work? She says yes and going with the flow. It’s not something she grew up knowing, it’s a new concept, easy to understand and hard to follow. A new path that she rather follow than having the ego beat her up, feel bad, be critical and tell her everything she is doing is wrong. LISAonthego is choosing her heart and telling her everything she is doing is right and that feels good for her. She knows she is at that crossroad a path in the road with her health and work. So, she is sitting quietly and taking action when feeling led and trusts all is well. It’s being in her peace that calmness and this will help to direct her where she will go. The ego is so mean, cruel, critical although could have some good points however not the path LISAonthego wants to be on. LISAonthego will write a list of the issues, ***L.I.D.E.*** them, get to the heart of the issues and then write her pro and con list with a number next to each one of the emotional importance, sit quietly and be guided. Come do this exercise with her and see where you are led on your path. Have a great day! Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego


***L.I.D.E.*** -

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