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LISAonthego PCOS. LISAonthego has or had PCOS and not at her best. If you had a hysterectomy you don’t have it. LISAonthego doesn’t believe this she has lived with it her whole life and knows it is in her DNA and could flare up. Flare up cause could be a simple everyday thing in life or those stressful times too. This year has been a great year with many closures and healings taking place, things are simple. LISAonthego began issues when on a known weight loss program, lost weight and then ran into health issues, one being her hair falling out and two being getting the shakes if not eating within 3.5 hours. Also learned, for LISAonthego, no one, no one knows the right foods to eat or even for weight loss. Not even these large conglomerate programs of what is the correct combination or how much to eat of each. Look at the cycles of these known national weight loss programs advertisements, eat your carbohydrates, no don’t carbohydrates, don’t eat proteins, yes, eat your proteins to recently they changed and lowered the calories on proteins, really and raised the calories carbohydrates. Due to these fallacies on foods LISAonthego is learning to balance. LISAonthego believes food and water are important for PCOS. As far as food, LISAonthego keeps trying to get the right combo to be satisfied at meals, shape up and be the best she could be. Yes those experts say no carbohydrates, no sugars, less protein and in fact for LISAonthego her body wants them all. So it’s finding the right combination. Recently LISAonthego found a PCOS guideline for eating online, downloaded it and believes this has a combination that could work, where you feel satisfied from a meal and includes all food groups. She needs to shop and have everything in her home so it will be easier for her to do and maintain. After looking for the right food combination for years, trying the larger programs she believes this guideline will fill her requirements of being satisfied and the food groups. She will try this and if working she will post what she is eating. In addition, LISAonthego started the gym 3 days a week and starting yoga/meditation 3 days a week, a schedule, routine to keep her on track and getting her to feeling better quickly. Shaping Up to feel her best, her looks is what she is, knowing who she is and being herself is who she is and defines her. Looks are the ego and Personality is her spiritual fun loving self. People love LISAonthego for who she is and not what she looks like or wears. LISAonthego, defines herself, as awesome, she is the best ever at every moment. LISAonthego learned PCOS for her feeling inflamed, swollen that Spiritualfitnessonthego activities and tools have her feeling her best. How about you? By the way, PCOS has come a long way from years ago however it starts with her learning to eat and drink what feels best for you and doing the activities and tools on Spiritualfitnessonthego to keep as stress-free as she allows. Let’s hear from you and what is working for you. Have a great day. Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego



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