LISAonthego, Doctors?

LISAonthego, Doctors? LISAonthego had a lesson today and is learning to set boundaries and have a team that supports and cares about her. How about you? LISAonthego had a procedure done today. She was specific and detailed on instructions and learned it was not followed. What? Really? Wow, so glad that Doctor thought they were so right, being professional and not listening to what was in black and white. They are considered one of the top offices in the area, not with LISAonthego. The story and drama, LISAonthego has an Abnormal Liver Enzyme Gene, she doesn’t metabolize medicines etc. through the liver. Therefore, the medicines don’t work properly and side affects. On the allergy form she filled in she stated, “does not metabolize medicines through the liver”. LISAonthego knew after the fact, it was to late that the Doctor used medicines that went through her liver. Not good. What? Really? Why? So, what is the point in writing and telling doctors, nurses etc. involved if they are going to do what they want and it hurts you. LISAonthego says this is being done for her not to her. Resolution, have a team that knows you, supports you, cares about you and have them present during procedures and your doctor on-call. LISAonthego called her awesome, supportive, caring, medical doctor and he talked her through it, how to recover and to call with any questions. Also, for now on, he will be called for any and all medicines to be used for now with all specialty doctors and procedures. This doctor cares and listens to his patient, why can’t all doctors be like him? Hope you have a Dr. P. in your life! Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

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