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LISAonthego Shaping UP. Life is life for everyone. LISAonthego believes no one has it better than someone else, they just have it different. We all experience stress and emotions. Yes one could say but they are more this or that or and but. The truth is they are no degrees, levels or rating system it is all the same. You disagree, and then ask yourself, who is judging? And, on what or who’s rating system? Its like you are a little pregnant and you know this can’t be. Now you could be begin to understand they’re no rating system on stress or emotions. It is what it is and we all experience it. Now lets move forwards to making the stress and emotions in our life easier. LISAonthego says to Shape Up. #Shape Up to #LISAonthego is what resonates for you to release the stress in your life; to feel good about you mentally and physically. It is a known fact #exercise is an awesome way to Shape Up to be the best you could you be. Spiritualfitnessonthego has activities and tools to Shape Up to feel good for you. Yoga for your body, Guided-Meditation for your mind and A Course in Miracles for your spirit to help balance you. motto “Tone your body, Heal your Mind and Open your Heart”. Come join us today, try the 21-Day Free Trial and start feeling your best. When life is tough the tough getting going, lets go! You don’t know how? One moment at a time that resonates for you. Try the Chair Yoga for everyone or listen and learn about what is Guided-Meditation? Know you could this too, it is for everyone and do what feels right for you. LISAonthego feels so much better once she could listen spiritually and get out of her ego to get moving. This is about moving around, changing your thoughts to get some stress free and shaping up. Have a great day. Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

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DIAGNOSED WITH AN ILLNESS? HAVING SYMPTOMS, in treatment, STRESSED, ANXIETY;  We are here to help with tools and activities. Yoga classes, listen to: Guided Meditations, Inspired Speakers, A Course in Miracles lessons, LISAonthego blog

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