LISAonthego, With the Crowd

LISAonthego, With the Crowd. Why is it people follow others? Even when they know its mean, not nice and will hurt another’s feeling. Is it for attention? Or, the attitude, fear, that you could be next? Or you just do it, like the monkeys in the below video with no reason, no thought and the attitude this is what we do? LISAonthego has surrendered and called Claire Kohler Brown with the business; asking why? Why is the website such a challenge, great ideas, and plans and yet the website is always being challenged. LISAonthego has been the one on the outside of the crowd several times in her life. It’s in the past, however, it is playing a large part in her presence. No matter the hard work she puts into it website it is coming up short. Through Claire’s work, questions and suggestions; LISAonthego’s answer is self-sabotage from the crowds she experienced through her life. LISAonthego has put the crowd in her unconscious mind and now Claire, suggested to bring it forth, forgive the crowds, have peace and move forwards. Claire suggests this is holding you back, you do have awesome plans, basics of the website and awesome professionals. LISAonthego pondered the  and realize Claire is right this is holding LISAonthego back and she needs to use the tools and activities on to heal and move forwards. LISAonthego isn’t the same person as when the crowd’s occurred and its time to get up, brush it off and work through these issues. Right after these discussions LISAonthego finds the Monkeys video below giving her visual of how the crowds work. LISAonthego, with the crowd is Interesting the mindset for others to follow in bullying and obviously out of the ego mind. Clair and I agree Its time to change the ego’s mind, replace with positive thoughts and have it follow the spiritual mind so its on the path where you are going. Thank you Claire this is greatly appreciated. Have a great day. Love, Laughter & Peace

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