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LISAonthego Easier? Is your life easy? Is there life easy? For LISAonthego it appears everyone has it easier until you get a closer look. Everyone has challenges throughout there life. Do you know anyone who has not had challenges? Or you could say has had an easy life? We are so quick to judge without learning about others and yet we don’t know their experience. What LISAonthego thinks she knows, no one has it easy, times may be more peaceful however with life it ebbs and flows. And yet, what LISAonthego thinks could be a challenge for you, you let it roll off your back like nothing and when LISAonthego think it’s easy you remark the difficulties. This is what makes us different. The core of who we are is what we think, our experiences and our interpretations. What effects and affect you are different for each of us? LISAonthego has enough difficulty learning about her. We couldn’t understand because we have enough trouble in knowing who we are and the path we are walking. LISAonthego has been stopping herself and making judgments on others. How do we make our lives easier? By getting to know us, loving ourselves for who we are: the good, the bad and the ugly. Life teaches us and we change day by day. Not to your standards but what feels right for us. We learn what works for us for coping with the ebb and flow of life. Look around everyone does something that helps them to get there quiet time whether we interpret it as good or bad by doing something they enjoy, for example: exercising, cooking, boating, drinking, drug use, eating, gardening etc. Is life easier for you or LISAonthego? No! It’s finding what works for you in the moment. Life has the way of being life and throwing the curveballs. This keeps us going learning to be a better us. In conclusion LISAonthego feels no one has easier or better; it is what it is. Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

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