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LISAonthego Day Off. Are you in a routine? Life feeling the same everyday, feeling like the same day in and day out, like nothing is going to change. You are feeling mundane and all is the same. Then maybe it is time for a day off from your routine. #LISAonthego has been in a routine and decided it was time for a day off. The day off being a fun day for LISAonthego is something she wants to do, what makes her feel good and not something she does everyday. This is a special day taking time for her. The day planned was going to the beach, lunch and shopping. This is planned and to be fun and LISAonthego loves being with others so she posted an event on FB event and asking friends to join her. When she posted the FB event she didn’t know it was going to be a full moon, lol. For LISAonthego it is “Murphys Law” during full moons. She gave a few weeks notice and this past Monday was the day for the day off of work.

The day before was fun those going weren’t going, or others found out and asked to go, another friend backed out, another friend wanted to go, a friend brought another friend. LISAonthego had the mind set go with flow however it works will be great and it was. LISAonthego had the best time. Awesome conversations, fun and everyone was relaxed and just let the day be. The weather was 95, low humidity, small easygoing waves it was fabulous. During the day she was appreciative and grateful for the fun day, sitting in the sand, watching the water, boats and swimming. The day was out of the routine, fun and time for the mind, body and soul to relax. LISAonthego says this is important for us to do for ourselves. The day brought up good feelings, emotions and she feels rejuvenated. Today she is back to work and Monday is now in the past as a lifelong memory to remind her getting away and doing something out of the routine for her is important to do more often it refills her soul to continue on her journey. What are you doing for you? Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

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