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One of LISAonthego's favorite song is "I AM THAT I AM" and "HOW COULD ANYONE" and the album "Prayers" by Elaine Silver. During the curve balls of life LISAonthego will play the Elaine's album Prayers. The songs I AM THAT I AM and HOW COULD ANYONE has been an impact in LISAonthego's life. Some of the first songs she had listened to when moving towards her spiritual life. It helped guide LISAonthego that she is who she is whether you like her or not, no one is perfect and this is who she is. Also LISAonthego's motto  "when LISAonthego does what others would like her to do she is angry with herself and when LISAonthego does what she wants to do she is at peace and everyone else is angry with her". You know what everyone else gets over it. Its not about them and LISAonthego has learned she is most important.

I AM THAT I AM and HOW COULD ANYONE to LISAonthego means to understand her, not accept what she is saying or her point of view but to understand her. Love her and support her for who she is, this has been her primarily focus on changing. LISAonthego knowing herself from the viewpoint of herself and not yours. This has been a huge transition through the years and LISAonthego BLOGS are written about changing you and how LISAonthego did it and continues to change and grow. It is not one spiritual modality it is several spiritual modalities that are on her website Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego


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