Vacation? LisaOnTheGo Blog

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Vacation? LisaOnTheGo Blog

Vacation? LisaOnTheGo Blog
Vacation? LisaOnTheGo Blog

Vacation? Her interpretation: (vacation = vacate shun) (vacate) to leave (shun) to avoid.

What is a vacation?

Why a vacation? When? Where? Who? #LisaOnTheGo says when? Where? And who is your choice? LisaOnTheGo says why? Why a vacation? A vacation is to vacate your mind, regardless what others say or think.

Our minds, our thought process wants to time off, to explore, dream, get out of the daily routine and to rejuvenate. The amount of time of vacation matters too, LisaOnTheGo has learned a day here or there is not enough. She is the best at procrastination and the excuses. However, has learned the mind, wants time off.

A vacation is being timeless, thoughtless and laughing, smiling and doing things you enjoy that make your heart sings.

Due to circumstances, an unexpected vacation occurred this past week, and wow it has been enlightening. LisaOnTheGo didn’t understand or realize the importance of time off and truly appreciated having fun. Amazing workshops made her heart sing, swimming in the lake, creating art, laughing, singing and just being, reminding her who she is.

The weather played into the week of glorious sunny days to downpour of rain and appreciating the sounds of rain, the birds, trees, and growth. The full moon had an outer circle of clouds circling the moon in a red shadow. The friends of old and new, fun conversations, jokes, giggles, entertainment that took LisaOnTheGo out of her daily routine and viewing what is missing in her life and what is abundant in her life. Who she is, what she likes and why.

LisaOnTheGo is appreciating and understanding she loves her downtime, her quiet time too there is a time to be with a lot of people and time she needs to fall back.

Acknowledging her energy sensitivities, embracing herself and going within. What resonates with her and when to say no is when it doesn’t feel right.

Getting out of the daily routine, reconnecting with herself is important to move forward in life and grow. So, when are you taking a vacation?

Have a great day, Love, Laughter & Peace LisaOnTheGo


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