Back to School Adjustment Time

Aerial View of People and Time Management Concepts

Aerial View of People and Time Management Concepts
Aerial View of People and Time Management Concepts

Back to School Adjustment Time. It is that time of year again when children, teens, young adults and older adults go back to school. School is no longer for the young but for all ages. It’s that time of year of adjusting our internal clocks. The summer time off is coming to an end and the new school year begins. We go through many adjustments such as: preparing for classes, new sleep times, meal times, activities, homework, gets dark earlier and settling in for the anew. The time of year that some of us have milestones or life changes in our lives. Whether in school or not, this schedule is typically a quarter of our lives and our internal clocks are set. #LISAonthego has learned that back to school, adjustment time is a stressful time for most of us. Yes the internal clock changes however starting a new year in school, new environments, new people or a life change of an empty nest. Know you are not alone. LISAonthego says most of us are on this same path, maybe not the same course. How to make these adjustments easier? Some of the adjustments we could do are the following:

  1. Start a routine, schedule a week or two before the official day
  2. Go walk the school where you are attending and familiarize yourself with the schedule
  3. Get together with people in your schools or classes
  4. Shop and plan your wardrobe and school supplies
  5. Join and get into your routine: Yoga, Guided Meditation in the mornings, read LISAonthego blog at breakfast, watch, listen to an Inspired Speaker during a break in your day and A Course in Miracles lesson at night
  6. Read up on your classes what they will entail, be prepared and finish your summer reading

What works for you? Write down a routine and start practicing today. This is a fun time of the year with many changes for some of us. This is encouraging, fun and to make changes wanted in our lives. When we keep doing the same things, we get the same results. This time of year is awesome. It helps us to change what we are doing so we could move forwards in life with new results. Go within and listen, write down a schedule that will work for you. You are not alone. Have a great day. Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego


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