Today’s blog: The first video is about Regrets by Christof Schumann. Then LISAonthego wrote her blog on How do you proceed with your dream and what makes your heart sing?

Believing in You. LISAonthego loved this video by Christof Schumann. It so resonated with her and where she is in her life. Christof talks about being on your deathbed and the regrets people have at what they didn’t do. However, in life we have choices. Maybe our timing wasn’t right then, it didn’t feel right or we were guided elsewhere.

When Christof says we all have a gift and asks what is that gift? What is that dream? LISAonthego gets really fired up (in a good way). However, we don’t know always know what it is or where to look. Christof encourages us to go within, find our gifts, and go with our dreams. LISAonthego says it is what makes your hearts sing and carry a burning desire and encourages you to go for it!

How do you proceed with your dream and what makes your heart sing?

Christof remind us to find the courage to go within. LISAonthego is right there with him, telling you to listen and recall your life. What resonated for you?  Think back to your childhood, as you ask yourself what had your heart singing? LISAonthego says this is the time we had most available to us. What did you fill your time enjoying?

Christof says to believe. LISAonthego has been on the path with Spiritualfitnessonthego for the past few years and loves what she does. It lives in her heart and soul. She is learning to believe in herself with all her heart. Desire and persistence is part of the recipe for a sweet life.

Even though it feels like being on a roller-coaster ride at times and no one said it was going to be easy, it is still well worth it. What is being reinforced and played out in LISAonthego's life is the importance of believing in herself, being persistent, trusting her path and keeping her heart singing. This is easier said than done at times. To LISAonthego, this is a new universal law: 'Be who you are and don’t give up'. In the past year,  the workshops and mastermind groups she has attended, new friends she has made and books she has read are all reiterating this theory. LISAonthego is going with it and on the path moving forward with Spiritualfitnessonthego. This is a path filled with love.

Are you on your Journey?

LISAonthego loves being on the journey and is learning how to be at peace. She asks herself: What makes her heart sing? Who is she? Then she takes the tools, activities and writings and offers them to you. You gather them and learn from LISAonthego’s journey what resonates for you to be in your peace and feel balanced and harmonized. This is an awesome, fascinating road to be on and she is thrilled you are on the road to learning about you and accept who you are. What do you want? What are your dreams? Where do you want to go? As the video says, it doesn’t matter where you are in your life or your age and reminds you to follow your dreams with no regrets even if it’s at the end. LISAonthego agrees and is riding this journey. What are your dreams?

When you are living your dreams and on your journey, you are being true to you. When you are on the rollercoaster with your hands in the air, screaming or white knuckling it by gripping the safey bar, believe in you. This life is truly about you and for you. Regardless of others and life happenings, go within and believe in you and know you are on your path. Walk the path to be where you are and at the end of the path, see where your journey has led. 

Have a great day. Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

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