Do you judge others monies?

LISAonthego has a friend Meghan and she wanted an inquiry for yard work. Meghan inquired for help from some newer friends that they socialize with. The yard work was briefly chatted about and some standard prices were given verbally. Meghan knew they could do the work and get it done and felt the prices discussed were reasonable.

The contractors came out the following week. You know the look when someone comes to your home and they are judging where you live? The neighborhood? Cars? How you live? Asking questions and gauging how important the work is to you that you are requesting. Meghan was getting the looks and feelings uncomfortable. Then came the question. How much is in your budget? Meghan avoids the question and changes the subject.

Do you have good intentions?

Meghan says to LISAonthego have you ever felt used or taken advantage? People are doing something for you that are there job and yet you feel used or taken advantage? Not a comfortable feeling, Meghan wanted to give them the business however that uneasy feeling has stopping her. She is having mixed emotions, the contractor has done the work for other friends and she wanted to support the friends. Then the estimate arrived and the price was higher than her neighbors with less work and charging for specialists on a one-person job.

LISAonthego, bells and whistles goes up when this happens to her. She says to herself this is about them, who they are and their journey. This has nothing to do with her, it wasn’t meant to be and only how she chooses to respond or react to the situation.

Prices should not be on judgments or interpretations of what you think the customer may or may not have. When LISAonthego goes into a store the price is the price and that is the price. Why then, when a service/contractor comes out for work, it isn’t the same? People make assumptions on what we have, react like a vulture, feels entitled and charges more.

We all get monies the same way. We either earn it or inherit it. Does it make a difference? It’s the same money it’s all green. We all want to be treated fairly that we matter and this isn’t the way real life works. It’s the ego mind so you forgive, wish them well and move on.

This is where LISAonthego loves the universal rules. Give to Receive and Receive to Give. With the above story, when others don’t play fair, neither will the universe. It does come back, it may not be today but it will be tomorrow and not where you expect or with whom too.

Have a great day. Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

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