LISAonthego is sensitive to weather and weather patterns. It affects her mood and what she will look like. We all dress according to the weather to look our best. We all encounter different weather patterns depending on where you live. Harsh weather and us affects our activities too from outdoor/indoor parties, events, sports, farms and crops. 

The one thing in life we do not have any control over is the weather.

We do have choices when we know imminent weather is coming. The choices are to leave, stay, buy supplies, food, gas, water etc. These are the times LISAonthego says communities bond. We all need each other, to help us with the choices and options we have. The weather impacts us and our lives could change in an instant. Companies and schools are making decisions whether to stay open or close. What supplies and food do we need? Where to go? Do we go?

Our minds are now preoccupied and we are talking more to our communities. The energy from the anticipated weather has people and animals on edge.

LISAonthego loves this next statement. What appeared important a moment ago in our personal lives with work, school, family, friend etc. are no longer precedent. Think about that this is amazing. What seemed so important yesterday, a moment ago is now not in the forefront of our lives, it is now put aside. It is a time out to life, refocus and start again. Choices and decisions for your best interest and your higher good are now being planned. 

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LISAonthego is Upset with Stores and Gas Stations Prices in time of a Crisis

Then the stores, during the anticipated imminent weather are super busy and sold out of items. Televisions, radio, cell phones are being looked at for the current weather.

We all encounter weather patterns, prior to an event, talks and plans could be made so you are in sync. Some things to discuss and have on hand are batteries, water, food, plywood, tape and to fill your vehicle with gas.

LISAonthego is disappointed to hear down South the stores and gas stations are not playing fair. Some stores are charging $30 for a case of water and $6 for a gallon gas. (on the news) This is absurd and being greedy. LISAonthego feels this is the time to take care of each other, be patient, loving and understanding. We all feel the anxiety in some form whether due to the weather, business, family etc. However to take advantage of the event is not caring for others.

LISAonthego says if you are requested to evacuate then evacuate. This is for your safety and security. Yes, she believes in the States all having plans to help evacuate people with public transport and this needs to be put into place. Where and what public transportation are involved, where they are leaving from, times and where they are going. Also, all pets could be taken that are in protected crates and carriers for their safety too. All pets to be kept contained too if at a public place for safety.

LISAonthego would like to reiterate if you are asked to evacuate then evacuate.

She feels it is unfair not to leave and put others in danger if you need to be rescued. This is a real possibility its why a State is under an Emergency and Evacuation required/requested. They are all different excuses for not leaving. She feels one of the biggest is looters and agrees the states need to have a plan of strong penalties followed-through. Also to have hired help protecting our hardworking possessions from stores to our homes.

Today we are having a major Hurricane down South and Earthquake advisories on the west coast. The weather is being more active these days than in the past. Its time the States and people have an evacuation plan in place for future events and supplies on hand too. Have a great day, be safe, Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

#What appeared important a moment ago in our personal lives with work, school etc. are no longer precedent.

#if asked to evacuate then evacuate




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