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Who Is LISAonthego?

This website was started because everyone has drama and stories. LISAonthego has had her fair share of difficulties throughout her lifetime. She has experienced difficult relationships, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Abnormal Liver Enzyme Gene (she doesn’t metabolize medicines) and divorce. In the past, family, friends and professionals gave her their interpretations and judgments on who they think she is, what she was doing wrong, or better yet, tell her to deal with the side effects of medicines and that there is nothing wrong. As you can imagine, she was not a happy person.

Over ten years ago, she went to A Course In Miracles study group. This is where she started to learn that she is responsible for herself and has choices. Through the years, she has done other activities and tools to heal and grow. Most will be on this website, so they can help you too.

Why listen to someone else, when you know what resonates with you and what feels right for you? No one knows you better than you. That’s how this website became a website, so you can learn and perform for you. This website is coming along and LISAonthego is asking for your love, support and patience as the professional/experts come forth to help us learn about ourselves. LISAonthego is on this journey the same as you and learning daily right along the side with you. She is excited about this website to help us learn and feel our best with our bodies, mind and spirit. Most of the activities and tools on this website has helped her with the healing process and felt this needed to go public to help others.

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DIAGNOSED WITH AN ILLNESS? HAVING SYMPTOMS, in treatment, STRESSED, ANXIETY;  We are here to help with tools and activities. Yoga classes, listen to: Guided Meditations, Inspired Speakers, A Course in Miracles lessons, LISAonthego blog

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