Blood Related Family Reconnecting; you share some of the same blood and genes.

Have you been disowned, abandoned or raised by non-blood related family and now reconnecting with blood related?

What is the connection being blood related versus non-blood related Family?

Non-blood related family. LISAonthego says they have common grounds between them.  Spending time together people adapt to each other's ways and create traditions, familiarity and acceptance of each other. In conclusion non-blood related families are based on acceptance, familiarity, commonality and choices. Choices always have choices.

What about blood related Family?

Blood related family. LISAonthego says it's an energy connection, a knowing and an attraction. NOT, being in contact with blood related family for ***many years and reconnected, its a feeling of belonging. You have this unknown understanding of things that can't be explained?  Funny, whether you saw them yesterday or for the first time in 30 years, it's that familiarity. 

****Reconnecting with blood-related family could bring up many feelings, emotions and takes time to process 


What if you were disowned, abandoned or raised by non-blood related family and now reconnecting? Where do you fit in? Do you belong? Why?  LISAonthego says there is an energy connection and familiarity of knowing the same group of people. This sensation is of automatic bond. This could be negative or positive. Your gut/intuition continually gives you responses and you could go on overload.  When consistently having contact with the family that disowned, abandoned or placed you; take the needed time to go within and breath. They're no rush. Some of the things that could arise could be good, some could be bad and some could be ugly. Questions do arise? The obvious ones of: Who? What? Where? When? Why? How?

What is Familiar to you?
reconnecting people





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Reconnecting, the first we see is the physical appearance and any similarities.  Then, when speaking, listen to your gut/intuition responses.  You know that way they speak, the words they use, watch for the emotion behind the words, then the intent and familiarity. LISAonthego's says this familiarity directs and connects us.  Please note this be could negative or positive. If the familiarity direction is negative and resembles the following: Yes, this doesn't feel right, oh yes that manipulation, feeling used, being taken advantage. Also, when the familiarity direction is positive. Yes (with giggles), this feels so right, I matter, you feel that surrounding of motherly love and you know you belong. Neither is right or wrong, feelings are not right or wrong, it is what it is. 

LISAonthego says to listen within. You are reconnecting for a reason. Why? Do you truly miss the family and familiarity? or Is this a gift to see what you don't want in your life and to move forwards. LISAonthego says this is a lesson in getting to know you and helping you on your path.

***many years meaning, when you are under age 8 years a minimum of 15 years of no contact and over age 15 years then a minimum of 20 years. This is LISAonthego's estimation the numbers are not exact

****The feelings that could arise from getting re-acquainted can rise from no-where. These could be difficult to process on your own. If these feeling are difficult for you LISAonthego says and recommends seeking professional help.

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