Is October a Quiet Month for You?

LISAonthego finds October and February the quiet months for her. Today we are in October, children have been back in school, routines fall into place and it is prior to the holidays.

October is one of the months LISAonthego digs into her life, shifts, refocuses and analyzes her life. What is working in her life or what she would like to change or what could be different.  The trees changing colors is a reminder to let things drop and fall into place. This is the time of year we set the clocks back and gain an hour extra sleep. LISAonthego finds this time of year to prepare for the winter months and bunker down. 

Its the time of year for preparation







She starts being indoors more, the sun goes down earlier and things are quiets. This is the month LISAonthego spruces up herself and reviews. Who is she? Who does she want to be? What could change in her life personally and business? LISAonthego loves who she is and is becoming the person she wants to be. She loves her website and blogging.

Looking back this past year LISAonthego had some on-going health issues that resolved, hooray. The business, the business has its challenges and she has learned so much. Due to the challenges LISAonthego is reviewing this month what is next and started to think of new ideas for the website. LISAonthego is looking into bringing products onto the website, doing the LISAonthego show and integrating the videos on the website into her show, also bringing on a team to help with the many facets. She has been looking for a website company to do the lions share and learning this website is a niche and much harder than she ever imagined. Also a video recording/editing to have professional videos. This month she intends to bring it all together and move forwards.

Manifesting her New Ideas

This all sounds great, now LISAonthego likes to bring these thoughts more into focus. She will be more specific in details on her thoughts, so it will project to manifestation to reality. Some activities will be meditating, lighting a candle and going within, doing a vision board on just her business aspects, attend spiritual/workshop events to be with like-minded people and to expand.

Is this a quiet month for you to go within? What would you like to bring forth in your? Come join in and do a Vision Board and LISAonthego could post on Have a great day! Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

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