11 Signs You Are Spiritual Awakening


(You may read the blog. Below the text Mila Herenda has an in depth video that you could watch or listen too)

LISAonthego watched and loved the video "11 Signs You Are Going Spiritual Awakening". This is informative and detailed on some of the signs that you are experiencing Spiritual Awakening. Mila Herenda is awesome explaining some of the different awakening signs you could be experiencing.

Awakening spiritually is not always an easy transformation!

Let's face it, generally speaking if things are going fantastic in your life, you simply don't ask the deep questions. When faced with challenges our true emotions and feeling lead us to ask deep questions of ourselves and our habits, patterns, the past and the big why's. Why am I on this Earth? What was I meant to do? What is my Life Purpose & Mission?

The reason why we go through this transformation is for growth. So we can open up to unconditional love, claim our Soul's Purpose and give back to our communities and the world. By achieving enlightenment we truly see the truth in our lives and start to live from a place of joy. And that my friend is beautiful!

If you are in the midst of this transformation, know that it is only temporary and it is a necessary process that gives us the opportunities to learn. You are safe and supported on this journey.  This is the path to being uniquely and authentically YOU. And the world needs that person!

1) You are going through a "Shitty Phase" in Your Life!

Yep, this is the Universe's way of correcting your path. If things just don't "feel right" or it feels like everything is going wrong this is a sure sign you are on track for a MASSIVE spiritual awakening. This can come in forms of depression, losing jobs, break-ups, things not turning out as you hoped, near death experiences and of course, it doesn't have to be as dramatic as those that I listed but just yearning for something more.

2) The Feeling of "I know there is Something More!"
or being lost & confused

Whether you are at a crossroads or going through a pretty hum drum cycle in life you have this feeling or knowing that there is more for you. That you can contribute to the world on a deeper level. And you can! This is asking you to dig deep and be of service and follow/align with your life purpose. This is the Universe nudging you to be more, discover your passion, live your purpose and align with prosperity. My Dear One, you have a Divine purpose and it always, always brings you joy! (and helps others)

Please do more of whatever makes you happy and follow that joy as you claim your purpose a path will be made. Start with the first step, you don't need to know the whole way, Source energy will guide you when it sees that you put in the effort. (by having fun!)

3) Keep waking up in the middle of the night/need more sleep

Angels are talking to you! Write down the numbers and check them at Joanna Scribes website she is the absolute best! I love her messages. Check it out. These numbers can also show up with license plate numbers, receipts from shopping, others talking about it, when you look at the same time over and over again. Listen as the Angels are encouraging you and trying to help!

Feeling extra tired is also a symptom of Spiritual Growth. Allow yourself to rest and don't feel guilty about it! This is self care! Give from the overflow not the "line of credit." Nurture yourself through this process.

4) You see reoccuring numbers 111, 222, 333 & Synchronicity

I already spoke about the numbers in the previous sign. So let's chat about synchronicity and Animal Totems. The best place to look up these signals is  Whats Your Sign a fabulous resource for all symbolic meanings. Whatever is reoccuring is a sign. Listen to your dreams and signals from the Universe. The more connected and the more you recognize the messages the easier it is to decipher and act on the correct path.

This is also related to deja vu, the feeling of reliving something again, meeting someone you have never met before and feeling very familiar.

5) You CANNOT be around "negative" people & avoid conflict

This is a good thing and perfectly normal to distance yourself from those who suck all your energy up. This is a sign that some people are not at as high of a vibrational frequency as you. You may find people dropping out of your life, which A-OK! Allow yourself to grow as they fall out new people will come in as if magic that can help and encourage you rather than drag you down. Give yourself permission to not hang out with that type of person. This includes on social media as well as in real life.

6) You question EVERYTHING! Your past beliefs included

This is a time of great pondering and reassessment. Again perfectly normal. We all have a set of beliefs that have been given to us from our past. Challenge those thoughts! Dig deep and have the courage to feel the emotions, as well as ask is this belief true? You will find some interesting answers.

7) You are more sensitive to foods, perfumes, and toxins

This is your body's way of asking you to love it more! Listen to your body, avoid processed foods, toxins and nurture yourself. Spiritual transformation takes a lot of energy! Rest, rejuvenate your soul, spend time in nature and as I suggested in the video use Pink Himalayan Bath Salts. There is a link if you want to get some 🙂
Himalayan Bath Salts is one of best ways to easily detox your body. Sometimes a cleanse is good to do, or going vegan for one month. Eat tons of veggies and drink lots and lots of water!
PS....do not feel guilty about resting and taking time for yourself! You need this!

8) You know in your heart that the whole world is connected

We are all energy, we are all one and what one person does affects other places and people. This is true! Do the best that you can to be a person that encourages and lifts people up as well as help our earth by sustainable choices of food, clothing and recycling/conserving water etc.

9) You want to make a difference in the world!

You are in search of how you can help! This is fantastic news! We need you and your special talents that only you have. Start with where you are, learn about what your passion is and keep growing and going towards your destiny. You will (or may already know) how you can best serve your purpose. Start with the first step!

10) You are getting messages from the Universe and Spirit

This can show up in many, many, many different ways. Watch for how you receive your messages. We can receive feathers, coins, dreams, songs on the radio, thinking of someone and then they call, a "knowing" smells, feelings. It's super important to TRUST that these are indeed guidance from Spirit.

11) Compassion, Empathy and Love for All

Being an Empath and having compassion is a good thing. At this time you find your heart chakra is opening and you feel love towards even those who are not kind to you. Remember it has nothing to do with you when people act out towards you. It's tough to stay detached but if you send them love and react with kindness you show great strength.

The people you run into are not a coincidence. They need to hear that it will be ok. And that is it. You have done your job and helped. How fantastic is that! If you find yourself "picking up" other people's energy, pains or emotions simply send it away. All you have to do is ask yourself, is this mine? and then ask spirit to send that energy away. Instantly you will notice a shift within yourself.

Nope! You are NOT going crazy!

Bottom line, you are NOT going crazy, it's just a learning curve. As we grow Spiritually and get connected to the Universe it can some growing pains. Allow the messages, be aware of the signs, nurture yourself and ponder the revelations you have. Eventually, you will find joy, happiness and serve your Souls Purpose. Learn about what you are drawn to, read the messages from the Angel number meanings and very soon you will blossom into a butterfly 🙂

It is helpful to seek help for Spiritual Advisors at this time. If you would like some support I would love to help you! You can book a Tarot Session hereBook my Reading.

Sending you love and light!

Mila xoxoxoxo


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