People Lying Acceptable?

People Lying Acceptable? LISAonthego, Googled, How Many Times do People Lie a Day? All she had to do was glance at the results and it went from a few lies a day to several hundred. No way and LISAonthego agrees. Google top posts show how much we lie. What is the purpose? Is there a difference between a white lie and big lie? How do you feel when you are lied too? Do you know you are being lied to?

What is the point in lying?

As youngsters, many of us have lied in school or if we have siblings. We lie for the fear of being in trouble and the unknown. Results could be punishment? Rejection? Exclusion? Teased? First you observe others lying and getting away with it. You then try it out and it worked, you were able to get away with lying. The mind says, this isn’t so bad and you continue to lie. The ego becomes inflated and loves the feeling “I am so right”; “I have power”. It is a false sense of confidence and self-esteem.

Is their difference between a white lie and a big lie?

A white lie is I will be there in 5 minutes when you know it will take 20 minutes. Big lie could be when you know it will cause hurt or pain to another. Example: sibling calls and says they they went to the hospital for chest pain, it was stress, no big deal and are now home. You discover they had a massive heart attack. They're many reasons why people lie with an illness . Some reasons; others will call often and tell you what to do, tell the horror and nightmare stories, you just don’t want everyone knowing your business, etc. In theory a lie is lie that it is a lie, big or small. They are no differences. Lies and secrets could cause harm. Ultimately this divides and conquers. Who knows? Who doesn’t know? What do they know now?

When do we acknowledge to ourselves we are lying?

Lies typically continue until: 1. Get caught 2. Are called on the lies 3. Watch others getting in trouble for what you did or said 4. Accept you don’t like who you are or how you feel about yourself.

Lies comes from fear:

It's more work to lie than to tell the truth. Are people lying acceptable? Afraid of being caught this is the fear mode. Fear as the motive to continue, lying? Now you have become controlling, bossy, nasty and manipulative. A talks to B and then to C, they collaborate the stories and see the untruths unravel. Then it backfires. People are truly upset, angry, feel unappreciated and being deceived. Most people will take an action: Discontinue the relationship, back off or avoid you. In truth no one likes being lied to.

On average we see only 50% of lies. LISAonthego odds of knowing the truths are 80%. She won’t know today and will know tomorrow. She is one of those people the truth comes to her. 

What is the price of your words?

Words  are priceless. Tell a lie and LISAonthego will question your intent and your integrity. Someone telling you words and then you observe the actions to their words. Do they match up or not? The words don’t match. LISAonthego says this says a lot about you as a person, she will then question, your words, integrity, trust etc. Actually for LISAonthego, your words mean nothing without the action behind your words. Regaining trust is difficult to do and sometimes can’t be regained. Was it worth it? How do you feel about you?

For LISAonthego words are priceless. It’s who you are? Do your words follow in your actions? Words are your integrity and your character.

Most times truths could be a  judgment or perception and everyone deciphers things differently. Starting with the truth then you are starting with facts and now you could have viable discussions for best resolutions. Start with a lie and try having a discussion, lol the lies get bigger, more involved or the person refuses to discuss anymore. This is a waste of time for all.

On a side note with current technology people are being called on their lies and society does not like it. If it is not good for others then why is it good for you?

Stop the lies, you know right from wrong. It’s a projection in our Country today. Look around publicly at the lies with the politicians.  Lets start making a difference today in our world, speak the truth and lets project honesty.

Have a great honest day! Love Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

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