Are your feelings gender related?

The answer is yes and no. Lets start with the yes. LISAonthego says your brain and hormones influence your thoughts of feelings. It is the ego mind. Typically males and females are stereotyped in their feelings. They have an attraction, a feeling or a thought that is gender related. Growing up boys like to roughhouse, cars, transformers, Pokémon’s etc. girls like to cook, dress-up, dolls etc. Again this is typical and being stereotyped. It is the illusion of the ego mind of what a male or female could think and feel.

Baby boomers were the last generation raised from the ego mind. Males were raised to be doctors; salesman, managers and females were raised to be teachers, nurses, secretaries etc.

Now for the no feelings that are not gender related. Today’s world are learning more to live from our hearts. The spiritual mind that is not gender related. LISAonthego is seeing when we live from our hearts the male and female thoughts and feelings are more balanced. For example: raising a child, being in the workforce, etc.

First time in history that male and female are more balanced in thoughts and feelings.

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Currently, the Presidential election includes a male and a female competing for Presidency. The Nation is not basing their vote on gender and on the issues and how the issues will be resolved. Careers are based on your interests, what you feel you would enjoy doing and the interests that resonate for you. Child rearing is being based from ones heart and what you feel is best. Video games are being played by both genders. The list goes on and on.

LISAonthego says the gender shift from the stereotype of society and ego mind was changed when technology came aboard. Technology had no gender role. VCR’s, tape decks, computers, cell phones etc. is equally used by both genders. Careers and education for technology has never been stereotyped. Amazing, LISAonthego is now realizing that technology has been a revolution in our society and the beginning of balancing the genders.

The other shift in our world is spiritual healers; self-empowerment and fitness are also non-gender. Examples are: Chiropractor, Masseuse, Acupuncture, Reiki, Meditations, and Yoga etc.

This is anew for our world to adapt to the genders being balanced, working together as equals that our feelings and thoughts are from our hearts and not the stereotypical ego mind.

Today’s world’s age is 50% under the age 35 years. This generation is being raised in non-gender roles and is much better than the older generation in technology. Also, the first time in history the age under 35 years knows more intellectually than the older generation. They are teaching the older generation about technology and non-gender roles. LISAonthego loves the younger generation in their open minds and being equal in gender roles.

Have a great day. Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

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