(Anti-Bullying Song) the video is below the blog (listen to daily). A true inspiring, detailed, informative rap song

LISAonthego this is an awesome rap song by KHARI and reinforcing YOU MATTER MOST. When we don't take care of ourselves first then no one else could too. Listening to LOVE YOURSELF daily has awesome affirmations to tell us daily and remind us who we are! Who we are and who we want to be. Thank you Khari for the inspiring rap song to Love Yourself.

Emotions, Thoughts, Manifestation and Reality

Emotions and thoughts are actions. We have a choice to change one or both. In life we have total control over our emotions and thoughts. No one could take this from you! Choices are yours and yours only.

Our Emotions are the way we feel, interpret and view us. Emotions are actions of energy that respond or react. They could be feelings, a knowing of us that come from our ego mind or spiritual hearts. Emotions are not right or wrong they are what they are. The actions of our emotions become our thoughts.

Our Thoughts are talking to us, our chatterbox in our minds. The chatterbox is talking to us based on the emotions we are having. These actions are negative or positive that is in the ego mind. The chatterbox travels in a circle form with no true answers that tells us stories that we could believe. In these thoughts you have the power to change them to being positive, override the negativity, stories, dramas and taking the action to change your emotions. Going within to the spiritual heart and listen within, be still, be quiet and stop the chatterbox in your thoughts. This isn’t easy to stop our chatterbox.

How to stop, halt or quiet your chatterbox?

For positive results LISAonthego uses the tools and activities on Guided Meditation, yoga, EFT tapping, listen to Inspired Speakers, a lesson in A Course of Miracles and other spiritual modalities found on website, You want positive results go into your spiritual heart then the answers for you are present. This is an awesome rap song Love Yourself by Khari and to use as a daily affirmation.

In your actions be clear, detailed and specific in what you want to achieve. Change the actions of your emotions and thoughts to the get the end results. Remember you don’t like the emotions you are experiencing or your thoughts then change the action until it resonates for you.

Manifestation comes from our actions of emotions to our thoughts. Simple Definition of manifestation. : A sign that shows something clearly: One of the forms that something has when it appears or occurs. 

Change your emotions to change your thoughts to manifest what resonates for you in your spiritual heart. Manifestation is obscure. It can’t be seen, tasted, smelled, heard or touched. It is the power of energy from our actions. 

Reality is the occurrence of emotions, thoughts and manifestation.

This is the end result. Yes, it may not be the way we saw the outcome. They are many factors that come into play. Humans views are narrowed it doesn’t have the ability to see the whole picture or know everything. We only see what we see and only know what we know in that moment. We are unable to see all of the aspects this is us being human and have control by our actions in the here and now. 

In LISAonthego’s experience due to her human views and unable to see the whole picture her reality most times isn’t what she has projected. Sometimes better, sometimes not and eventually with the passing of time she has an understanding of the occurrences. She has learned lessons, or taught others and eventually see gifts to herself that has resulted in the person she is today. 

Have a great day! Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

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