Holiday Time and Difficult People. For LISAonthego the holidays start Thanksgiving Day to New Years Day. The days in between are now busy with shopping, cooking, cleaning, decorating and going to parties here, there, and everywhere. These times are fun, tiring and more demands.

This is the time of year that schedules, routine and structure are important to adhere as much as you can. Its fun during the holiday times, special movies and songs that play only this time of year, people and store employees are more uplifting Children are so excited for the anticipation of their holiday that it’s the time of year they could be more rambunctious. LISAonthego’s children were and she learned to lighten up for the fun of the holidays.

This is the time of year people are chattier and want to get together and more parties. Some of the people we adore and some we wish would back off. That time of year we get less sleep and our patience is tested. Then you have that, yes that, family or office party. You look forward to going, until you hear or realize who is going and know that person is difficult for you. That person is rude and in your face, talking and always right about everything or complaining about life and the unfairness. They go on about illnesses, accidents, truly personal hygiene moments, or talking about person negatively you both know and you are cornered. It’s the holidays and you are trying to be nice. Now you are dreading the party, not having fun and say to you I can’t wait until I get home, why am I here? It’s a school night, work night, I have a meeting early tomorrow etc…


How could we have fun at a party or event when we come across or anticipate a difficult person?

In truth difficult people are not difficult for everyone and when one of these people will be there its time for a game plan. These people would not be difficult for you unless you are emotionally involved. Look around you everyone could name someone difficult for them and you say that person doesn’t bother me.

What could you do so you have a good time?

When approached by a difficult person for you, say your hello’s, how are you? Happy Holidays! I am thirsty, or need a refill, be right back. Tag team with someone, either for them to engage with this person or distract and remove you, example: Excuse me I need to talk to you? No one around that is okay too. Usually, no one hears your phone but you, either ring or vibrate. Excuse me a call I need to take or I need to respond to this text message and walk away. Then go to the food table, get a small something, engage with others, take a break outdoors etc. My favorite is children, they are awesome and easy to engage, LISAonthego talks to them about them, what activities they are you in? What position do you play? Ask a cell phone, computer, or technology question. Ask what they want for the holidays and why? or What are the popular toys among your age? etc… The younger age children are even easier just start playing what they are playing. Young ones are always happy to have someone to play a toy or game.

The point being, have an everyday game plan, not just for the holidays. When you are prepared it is much easier for your plan to work and will get easier with time. It’s like that saying goes fake it till you make it. The first time you do something its awkward and the more you do it the easier it gets.

Have a great, fun Holiday Season. May all your dreams and wishes come true! Love, Laughter & Peace LISAonthego

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