What is Reacting vs Responding?

An event, comment or situation arises that gives us a negative feeling. How we handle the occurrence is reacting or responding.

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What is Reacting?

Reacting is a negative action and could be: External: Yelling, screaming, hitting, throwing things, losing our tempers or Internal: Smoking, drinking alcohol, drugs, missing work, go shopping. It is blaming everyone else, you being so right that you know everything it’s an attitude and taking an action outside of us. It is an internal feeling and reacting an external way to handle the occurrence.

Typically with a negative reaction, we are in the ego mind. The ego mind is our thoughts, the chatterbox that talks to us daily. The chatterbox that tells us stories have us believe untruths and never gets to an answer. We think we know and see the truth without having the facts and in fact, we are judgmental with the attitude that I am so right. We take our emotions and go to the ego mind the chatterbox and externally react.

Reacting is typically a negative occurrence and causes more trouble, usually very little is resolved when we are reacting.

What is Responding?

Responding is a positive action and could be: External: Taking a few deep breaths before speaking, talking slowly and calmly, going for a walk, take a time out before addressing the occurrence, Internally: Go within, meditating, EFT tapping etc. We take our time to listen within and choose how to respond.

Typically with a response, we are calm and in our power. We listen to the occurrence and respond from our hearts. We make choices calmly and speak from our hearts. It's being in your peace.

An awesome example is Standing Rock, the police reacted to the supposed protestors and the Native Americans were responding in their peace.

Regardless whether reacting or responding what is your story? How is the story affecting you? You keep telling the story over and over with no resolution. This has the power over you.

Now LISAonthego says to L.I.D.E. https://spiritualfitnessonthego.com/lisaonthego-lide/ read this blog, then go to the chart and L.I.D.E. label the situation, comment or event, identify the emotion and describe. This gives you the power over the situation, event or comment. 

We have choices when faced with a negative event, comment or situation. What are you choosing? Reaction or Responding?

Have a great day, Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

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