The Law of Action

LISAonthego has an intention, thought or a dream and has learned this is not enough. This is where the law of action is requested. An action needs to be taken on her thought or dream for it to become fruition. Once the action is taken then the manifestation is in motion. What you think you wanted or perceived to obtain; you don’t always get as you expected. LISAonthego’s world could humorous because it’s not the way she visualized it. It usually shows differently not good or bad just different.

By taking the action though it gives momentum and helps to move life forwards. Her thoughts are now more specific and detailed versus her mind. Just because she takes an action there is no time defined to have things moving,



LISAonthego refers to this as cultivating, planting the seed because once she takes an action things could happen in that second or in years.



The Law of Action is on its own time. Once an action has been taken LISAonthego starts seeing the evidence. For example wanting a new car, she decides its time for a new car. Lets say a new Highlander 2016 Shoreline Blue and now when she is on the road she is seeing this car more often in her view. However after taking some actions, going to dealerships etc in her mind she begins to define it more and maybe she would want the Jade color.

It’s taking the action of what we want and sometimes we follow through and sometimes the universe has its own plans.

The universe could be humorous, you happen to be at an event and there’s a raffle for a great cause. The raffle winner will win their very own Range Rover Eovque 2017 in Baltoro Ice color and guess what you win! (this is an example)

What started this momentum was your actions and the rest unfolded. It would be nice if life were this easy and simple. Sometimes it is and sometimes as we know it’s more challenging. The quiet mind is needed to visualize our wants and needs to direct us which we way to want to go.

LISAonthego refers to this as a tree. The trunk is your mind; the branch is the action and the twigs are the results. At anytime we get to go back to the branch and do it again, more defined, more directed until our desire is reached. So today you have that thought, intent or dream, take an action towards your desire today, good luck and see what doors open.

Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

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