Someone Close Dies, What to do?

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LISAonthego had someone close to her past away last week unexpectedly. She received the phone call as she listened to the other person she went from numb to shock.

The ego mind reacts with the chatterbox and has a lot to say. It keeps going and going. As time goes on the thoughts continue, has us feeling guilty for not saying or doing. During this time LISAonthego said stop, cleared her thoughts, took some deep breaths and refocused.

LISAonthego then decided to go within and be proactive. What happened? Okay, the person has there own journey and choices. Yes there is always something we didn’t do or say and the what if, what if I would have called, stopped by, said something more etc. Now forgive yourself for everything you didn’t say or do this is life and the chatterbox within us. We all have the what if scenarios play in our minds and the after thoughts of what we could have done. LISAonthego had to let this go and remind herself to love herself. Every moment is perfect. Then LISAonthego decided to be proactive and try to stay clear minded.

Make a list of things that would need to be done. Who needs to be called? Where are we going? Staying? Arrangements? Etc. Keep the ego mind, chatterbox busy with chores and this helped LISAonthego to keep focused and calm.


Now for those people that will be around that don’t resonate with her. This was a task and she did her best. First LISAonthego had to understand her emotions are raw. Its like your protective shield in these times leaves you, you are standing naked and everyone could see. Isn’t this awkward and uncomfortable. This is your true, inner spirit coming out and expressing who you are in tough circumstances.

Yes, LISAonthego wasn’t always at her best and would take time for herself; she called a friend, went outside and removed herself. Its so difficult at these times feeling exposed with emotions and yet comforting having the people that matter to you be there whether that day or that week or that month.

Emotions are raw at this time and others are too. Etiquettes are nowhere to be found. People are talking material items that the person owned, feeling entitled and deserving. LISAonthego walked away, they are material things, not important. Material items could be bought in the memory of the person.

LISAonthego kept things in perspective of what is important and that is family and friends. They came together at a difficult time, to help and support each other. Let everything else go. This is where your closest family and friends come into help. The chatterbox would go and the lesson was “none of it mattered”.

LISAonthego chose a few people closest to her and would call them or they would call. We would talk the drama and stories and LISAonthego would be reminded to let it go. These people know LISAonthego well and would have her understand the drama or story and remind her to go within. LISAonthego had her peace, her peace of mind and love. Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

"PLEASE Please don't ask me if I'm over it yet. I'll never be over it. Please don't tell me that he is in a better place. He's not here with me. Please don't say at least he's not suffering. I haven't come to terms why he had to suffer at all. Please don't ask me if I feel better. Bereavement isn't a condition that clears up. Please don't tell me you know how I feel unless you lost your son. Please don't tell me,' At least you had him for so many years.'What year would you choose for your son to die? Please don't tell me god never gives us more than we can bear. Please just say you're sorry. Please just let me talk about my son. Please mention my son's name Please just let me cry."

- Anonymous

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