Feeling Trapped in Life

What is feeling trapped in life? LISAonthego says where you feel you are in cage and can’t move. The situation has power over you and is there almost daily. Many things in life could have us feel this way for many reasons here are some examples: Marriage; You want to leave and feel trapped: Financially, Custody, Housing: Job; Financially, Your boss, Difficult to find another job: Family and Friends; Have control over some part of your life that you don’t walk from, Financially, Emotionally.

In each of these categories we could see the reasons. Sure, an easy answer is doing what is good for you and walk away. If you could leave the marriage, get a new job etc. Go for it.

Feeling Trapped in Life? LISAonthego blog

What if you are feeling trapped and its Karma?




Karma is a lesson we came to learn and no matter how hard you try to overcome the situation or events it keeps coming back. You feel trapped in this situation and no you can’t walk from it. It’s the most difficult part of your life. You have expressed yourself, yelled/screamed, jumped up and down, ignore it, nag and nothing works.

In truth feeling trapped has power over you, it controls you and the negative thoughts.

Attitude makes a difference in these circumstances and is our best teachers in life. You feel horrible, your heart doesn’t sing and your ego mind keeps playing the drama. The drama and the stories keep playing and the more you keep doing it, look around the more stories and dramas come.

How to handle feeling trapped and getting your power back?

  • Stop the ego mind thoughts – Pay attention when the negative thoughts start, stop and consciously change these thoughts. Fake it till you make it. This takes time, however you will see by doing this your heart will sing more.
  • Find your peace! However you find your peace, find it. This may mean journaling, exercising, talking, meditating etc.
  • Don’t allow the situation to have control and power over you. Own it and take it back https://spiritualfitnessonthego.com/lisaonthego-lide/ Part 2 https://spiritualfitnessonthego.com/l-d-e-leedy-part-2-lisaonthego/

This is taking back your power.

LISAonthego has lived this drama for many, many years this blog is from life experience and yes feeling trapped karma. Finally after all the years, it’s done! Hooray! Its not easy, its really difficult and once I surrendered to peace and took my power back, it all changed.

She will now tell you those were her best teachers and yes more than one teacher, in fact many. LISAonthego was great at drama and stories and the universe supporting it. Wow, it’s amazing how it kept coming around until FINALLY she learned to take her power and be in her peace. The universe does test LISAonthego and it’s a reminder to go within. The tools and activities on www.spiritualfitnessonthego.com helped LISAonthego find who she is.

Good Luck to you, LISAonthego











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