pivotal moment by LISAonthego

pivotal moment by LISAonthego
pivotal moment by LISAonthego

Who is your true Essence?

Your True Essence is who you truly are: your morals, values, ethics, attitude etc. When does your true essence come out to play and who you are truly are? LISAonthego says these come out when we are under pressure for example: family events (weddings, funerals), business projects and decisions with deadlines, etc.

come read, watch or listen to Who is your Core Essence below the text? (youtube video below)

Events that push us above our norm and we are out of our routines.

It’s in these situations that our emotions run high and our core essence comes out. Sometimes we even shock ourselves by our reactions. We impulsively yell, sarcastic to others and say hurtful mean things, hit, drink heavily, leave our partners, quit our job etc. we take a negative action. Then come the next day and now the repercussions of our actions.

Or lets look life these circumstances another way. A life situation arises we are left with no material items, clothes, money etc. The worst storm yesterday our homes are inhabitant. Now we are all together in a safe place. Again we are tired and out of our routines, everything we had (material items) is lost, and we have all of our loved ones. These are difficult times. Our core essence of who we are comes out.

We either react or respond. Within days following reactions or response are the repercussions. Reaction is a negative attitude I am miserable and deserve everything. Responding is a positive attitude. They’re going to help others and comfort them.

In either event we are who we are and learn about who we truly are.

pivotal moment by LISAonthego

pivotal moment by LISAonthego
pivotal moment by LISAonthego

In our lives we all encounter difficult time. Its at these pivotal moments learning who we are and deciding for ourselves saying I like or hate my response or reactions. This is when we analyze ourselves and could make changes for the better.

People could talk to us and talk to us on their perceptions and judgments what they think we need to change. They could keep talking, because how often do you listen? We usually don’t until that perfect storm arise and we experience for ourselves to make the changes in our lives.

Here is the truth, no one has the answers for us, no one is 100% right, it’s you having the experience and deciding when or if to change.

LISAonthego says this has been frustrating in her life, when she sees someone down the wrong path. She expresses herself and to no avail. Why? Because LISAonthego has learned to surrender and let go, people have their own journeys, their own choices and need their experiences to impact their lives and to change. Nothing stays the same.

Your true essence is who you are in difficult situations or events that impact your and others lives.

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Have a great day. Love, Laughter & Peace LISAonthego

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