How you talk Impacts us

LISAonthego says

how you talk to others impacts us by the tone of your voice, body language, facial expressions, words etc.

LISAonthego has been processing life. Why she likes someone or not, or loves someone or not or both. She realized how people talk to her influences her self-esteem even in adulthood.

When you are a child many people touch your lives in a day: parents, siblings, teachers, classmates, friends, family etc. How they talk and interact with us has an influence in our lives. The people we spend the most time with us do have a huge impact on whom we are.

Listen to the Tone of Voice

How is a parent talking to a child most of the time? Are they using a baby voice? An angry or annoyed voice? A happy voice? These voices influence who we are. We recall how we were talked to. Did you feel love and appreciated? Did you feel you were in the way? Were others spoken to differently?

How are people talking to you in your adult world? Are they appreciative and glad you are present? Do they understand you or just ignore you? Are you a pawn in their lives for their benefits?

How people speak to us and we interpret it during our lives impact us. The tone of voice matters because its sets the tone and attitude of the conversation. Also, know your intuitive feelings are true for you about how someone talks to you. Even when you confront them asking why are you angry? Upset? Sad? Do they speak the truth or lie. Go within and trust your intuition then respond accordingly.

What LISAonthego doesn’t understand why not speak the truth. It’s your opinion, a feeling that is not right or wrong. Some people feel it’s none of their business or don’t want a confrontation or actually some people just like to hear themselves talk and really don’t care what they are saying.

All conversations do influence our lives. It influences who we are, how we view the world, impacts our self-esteem, what we think of ourselves, what others think of us as we become adults we get to change it. Think about it throughout your childhood how were you spoken to: were you loved, put on pedestal, appreciated, valued or you were in the way, others annoyed, frustrated, a nuisance. In our childhood influences who we are and become.


Then comes adulthood and its how we define it.





Yes all conversations have a tone and when people aren’t nice, we do have a choice of how to engage. LISAonthego is learning to love herself regardless how you to talk to her and influence her life. She doesn’t like your tone of voice she changes it in her thoughts to be positive. Much easier said than done. She also has the choice to ignore you, tune you out, not engage, laugh and move forwards. Our attitude also affects how we absorb what others are saying.

LISAonthego loves having choices. When someone is not talking nice to you or respecting her she has a plan so they aren’t affecting her: she could tune them out, disengage, excuse herself etc. This is much easier said than done until you do it often enough then it becomes your life. As the saying goes “fake till you make it” you will make it and its great when you do. Love you by making loving choices for you!

Love, Laughter & Peace LISAonthego







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