Positive Mind Shift Starting Today

Lets start a positive mind shift today. This video on What a Valuable Lesson About Mistakes. Always Rise Above by Naga Narahari Rao J is the perfect drama/story to explain why a positive mind shift starts today. 

What about the glass being half full; the positive?

When is the good ever pointed out? Most of us notice the negatives and what could change to be different and assuming changing the negative will be better. However when is the positive things we do in life pointed out or praised? On a daily basis we all do more positives than negatives. LISAonthego says daily we do 80% +\- positives in our life, following the rules, taking care of ourselves etc. Yet we don’t take the time to compliment others or ourselves.

When we are taught the glass is half empty we are being taught this is a negative. People love fixing negatives, what we did wrong and how to correct it. This is done by pointing out the negatives, being mean, cruel and criticizing etc. We rarely learn from these ways.

We could learn by our mistakes once we think about it. When the situation or circumstance arise again we could do the same thing with the same mistake or change it.  


Your negative criticism, words, statements, comments etc. doesn’t change LISAonthego; her experience to a situation or event changes her.


We learn by our experience not your negative, degrading words, example: A child, you tell them again and again the stove is hot, guess what? When they touch that hot stove and have their own experience then they could decide to change.

Its time for a mind shift today and to say great job, you did that well, thanks for helping and doing your chores, look what you did well, it helped so many others, you are smart and intelligent, wow check that out. Mind shift praise in what we are doing from our experiences, bet this will get you to change things quicker in feeling good about yourself, a higher self-esteem and being positive.

Time for a mind shift and say a compliment to others and yourself in your everyday life. When we do make a mistake, what was the lesson or experience that you learned? What was the gift? What perspective changed? Did anything else change from this experience? What if we start acknowledging our own experiences and the gifts and feeling good about who we are? Its about time, starting now start acknowledging you and others for all they have done today!!! No matter how big or small, its all the same, you did awesome!!!

Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

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