LISAonthego went to see 50 Shades Darker she read all three books of 50 Shades because of the hype. The judgments and interpretations of who Christian Grey is or type of personality he is from the books and movies. Also, Anastasia Steel and what is her role with Christian Grey.

What kind of sex do you like?



LISAonthego talks about who you are and what you are. LISAonthego blogs has not talked about what kind of sex you like. Sex is a very personal subject for most people and not discussed. Yet, it’s the one action in life most of us have taken more than once. Did you talk to your partner about your likes and dislikes or talk about contraceptive or talk or type of sex, toys, apparatuses etc.?

LISAonthego Statistic – sex is 100% in your own mind. Someone can’t make you like something, want it more or less or touch you the way you want to be. Sex is 100% of what you like and don’t and what your interpretation of how it could be. Most of sex is in our mind. This is our ego mind our thoughts and some is in our hearts mind feeling the love. Sure LISAonthego could say 20% is on the partners of style, approach and flirtation because we know it plays a role for us.

In 50 Shades (Of Grey and Darker movies) LISAonthego is going outside the box here, aside from their personalities (our judgments) she learned about different types of sex. From contracts to types etc.  She believes Christian and Anastasia through the books and movies are awesome teachers about sex. Physical sex has many definitions from missionary style to kinky sex etc. and one that no one teaches today. When reading the books (imaginary) or seeing the movies (visually) we get to experiences the different types of sex, toys and apparatuses. What are your boundaries and what type of sex do you like? Do you talk to your partner or keep your thoughts to yourself?

What do you want in a relationship? What type of sex do you like?

Christian Grey and Anastasia Steel negotiated their wants and needs. They walked away from the relationship when things didn’t go their way and no communication. Then came back to neutral territory at a restaurant and discussed the issues, negotiated and moved on. In fact the discussions, arguments stayed in the present, no past was brought up into the heavy discussion, as they were resolved. Do you know your partner wants and their needs; do you even know your own?

Sex toys word cloud concept

Sex toys word cloud concept
Sex toys word cloud concept

In fact I found there story a love story in what a relationship; role model could look like. In the book/movies Christian Grey is 26 years and this is when guys start to grow up and discover whom they’re and want to be. The book/movie shows Christian Grey going through the transition. Anastasia is 21 years in the book/movie and coming into her own.

At their ages they knew or thought what they wanted in their lives and as the issues arose during their courtship it solidified their beliefs and their relationship.

What kind of sex do you like? Have a great day. Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

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