Reacting adults, crazy? Mental breakdown? LISAonthego says probably not. Why or when adults have reacted to life situations and are looked upon, as something is wrong with them?

Have you ever been so scared, frightened, fearful not understanding what is happening to you?

And your family and friends say you are not acting like you, some examples could be: you are yelling, crying, hitting, drinking, shopping, sleeping etc. These people have known you your whole life and they start saying what is wrong with you? You are crazy? You need help? Or better yet, they don’t talk to you about you because they think they know better and reach their own conclusion or they talk to everyone else about you or they shut you out with no say.

And you stand their dumbfounded. No one has asked you about you. Then you start talking but remember you are in fear mode, your tone of voice is fearful and you’re scared. The drama and stories are now making sense and time has gone by and there is so much information to tell it’s overwhelming. These people that know you start saying again you need help, your crazy, your mental and you are losing it.

This behavior typically includes others and they are calm and have been expressing their thoughts subtly to others for months and behind your back. Regardless what you say the people that you thought were on your team are now opposed. What do you do?

Reacting adults, crazy? Mental breakdown? These adults are having much drama and life situations happening in their lives and by the time they begin to understand it’s too late. Others have made their judgments and interpretations.

Ask yourself is this the persons typical behavior? Is this who they are and have been all the years you have known them? If your answer is NO then trust yourself to help, be kind, supportive and loving. Some drama stories could be: they are being bullied, alienated by family, friends or co-workers, medical illness, chronic illness, depression, anxiety, someone acting narcissistic to you, failing school, laid off etc.


Also know they’re different scenarios depending on the person from things happening in their own life (being laid off, failing school, ill, etc.) to others inflicting the confusion in your own life (others being narcissistic to you, bullying to you, etc.).   


You have now hit rock bottom, tough times and now what?

A family or friend could help by:

  1. Talk to this person and listen, truly listen and understand their current life
  2. Hard to believe their drama or stories ask for the proof
  3. Get to know the story and understand it, you don’t have to accept it, just being understood and listened could help more than you know
  4. Talk to them again and again. Meet them often and talk daily.

***When we are reacting we don’t always make sense. The reacting adult is just putting things together and then too time has now gone by. So much information, drama, stories to tell and it takes your time to listen and understand. Once you understand then help this person with a plan and you are there for them.

  1. Validate the person this utmost importance we all want to know we are cared about, if you don’t mean it don’t do it, this person is already in fear mode
  2. Hug them
  3. Reassure them things are okay
  4. Help find their peace and calm down – meditation, walking etc.
  5. Eat healthy
  6. Suggest Professional help
  7. Group therapy

You have been family or friends for years and this behavior have not occurred before, trust your instincts and knowing your relationship that something is wrong. This person is in fear and reactive mode we all need help from family and friends and be there for them.

Fact, we don’t always understand the whole picture at the time things are happening. It takes time and time does heal all. Remember as a family or friend you have not walked this persons life so don’t assume you know. They’re so many more details that we don’t know or can’t know and we barely learn or see them for ourselves, time eventually shows us.

Sometimes the facts are too much for us to deal with and we need it in pieces and to slowly digest, the pieces of the puzzle eventually are done. This is life, the process and a long journey.

Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

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