One Person Could Effect Your Life

Did you know one person could impact your life and have a domino affect on others. LISAonthego says this happens a few times during our lifetime. We just don’t always know it. Some could be negative or positive.

Someone in your life and takes an action the action starts things in motions and affects your life and others.

Here are some positive drama/stories:

  • A doctor helps you with a long time illness and everything is back to functioning. This impacts and dominoes people around you. You are able to care for yourself easily.
  • You are having a difficult time and stuck in your ego mind. A person takes the time to talk to you and their view is so out of box from yours. Yet it makes complete sense and gives you relief and release of burdens. You are a happier person and others around follow suit
  • Randomly you are having financial issues and someone gives you monies that makes a difference
  • A negative boss that makes life difficult for their department finds another job and quits. Overnight life changes for the department
  • Did you also know we don’t know what we mean to others? In your mind you may like someone as a passing friend, co-worker, teacher, boss and in there mind you are their best friend.

Yes these affects could also be negative.

Please note that in every moment of everyday we get choices. Our choices are where we are today.

Being in fear mode keeps us trapped and it’s learning to be us to stand up for ourselves in what we want and need.

In truth we make the choices that define our lives and here we are right now. LISAonthego is a pro at the excuses of why and how to be trapped. Until it became enough was enough. Yes one person could affect our lives and yes we get choices. LISAonthego defines who she is, not you or others regardless on her drama and stories.

One person - meaning those times in life we appreciated the assistance asked or not from others. In those times these people impacted our lives with domino affects.
impacted your life

One person has affected LISAonthego’s life a few times in her life and helped to be on her path. No these were not always positive effects. However, once done and looking over the path they were well-meaning gifts not understood until later and most times much later.

These paths have created who LISAonthego is today. The one person who has helped during these crossroads is lifelong memories. Some are best friends, friends, colleagues, teachers etc. People come into our lives for a season, a reason or a lifetime. When these people come they leave gifts for us to expand and grow and we do for them too. Some small and big and yet they are all the same, they give our lives meaning.

Thank you for being in LISAonthego’s life and sharing a path. You mean the world to her because without you, she wouldn’t be who she is today. You, just you impact her life.

Thank you and have a great day. Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

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