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LISAonthego finds this short video fascinating and loves learning other cultures. These people live in huts on the water; and houseboats for their lives also a distance from land. LISAonthego starts to ponder this culture and is awestruck. Imagine the requirement needed for survival is so limited that money and material items are not valued. What appears to be valued is relationships, how to get along, work as a team and be who you are.


BAJAU PEOPLE posted by UNB Facts (this is picture the video is below the text)


Why does LISAonthego think our way of life is the only way? Its all she has known. Her life has been based on money and material items its what she needs for her survival in her world.




In truth our lifestyle of money and material items makes life easier, not happier. We all want more, want more money, a better car, a better home, the finer things in life.

What would it be like to know you have all that you need? All of your basic needs are met, yes in our minds we may have standards of what this is, however the Bajau appear to have all that they want or need. There isn't anything more they want. Then, what is the focus on life? Is there a focus on life? Imagine the relationship dynamics, are they different than ours? Are there roles? 

That is the true question to ponder, what makes her happy? How does she obtain happiness? Is one culture better than another in self fulfillment? Are other cultures easier in learning who we are? 

So many questions? How others live and what is important in there lives? Does any culture or existence on Earth have it easier or better than another? What do you think?

Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego Bajau People - (Click on the link above and watch the short video, inspirational.)

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