Are You Selfish or Sell-fish?

SelfishLISAonthego’s definition – taking care of your daily needs

Sell-fish- LISAonthego’s definition – your daily care is all about you

LISAonthego says we all need to be selfish in our lives but how far is your selfishiness?

Selfishiness is taking care of your daily needs examples: showering, bathroom, hair style, makeup, eating/cooking properly etc. sure they’re many more things we could do for ourselves however not at the expense of others. Meaning they could be important for you however life could have other plans, for example: taking care of children, going to work, commitments etc.

This is where scheduling in what is important to us is important example: meditating, exercising, shopping, entertainment etc. Making you important and taking care of you along with your other commitments.

Sell-Fishiness is you come above all else. You do what you want and not what needs to be done. When you aren’t getting what you want you are nasty, sarcastic and criticize everyone else. In addition, you are so caught up in your own life, fitting it all in that everyone else is an annoyance. Your focus is on your objectives and when you are with others, your focus is on you and your objectives. Life is about you. When you feel like getting out of your shell and doing or focusing on others, you make it well known. These could be normal everyday chores for most people and yet you have a way to twist these and sell your good graciousness to feel good about you.

Most people don’t recognize this as themselves or others, or know how to verbalize it. LISAonthego has been in the presence of several sell-fishiness people recently. She is now able to verbalize and write about these qualities because she L.I.D.E. (label, identify, describe the emotion).  it. She couldn’t understand why she felt the way she did after being with these types of people. After being in their presence she would feel bad about herself, like she did something wrong and after thinking about it that it had nothing to do with her. So, she L.I.D.E. her feelings, she labeled it to: that she felt insignificant, inferior and worthless, she identified it to: insecure and humiliated and then she described the emotion to: fear and anger. Now from the L.I.D.E. method she now understands what she is specifically feeling so she is aware of these feelings that it is not her and nothing she did and to avoid, deter herself from these people.

Have a great day. Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

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