Upset, Others Saying Everything is Okay

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Upset, Others saying everything is okay. You’re with a group of people, family, friends, colleagues for a few days and want no drama/stories. However, other people are making decisions that affect you and you don’t agree.

You don’t want to be controversial and it’s not a feeling right within you. What do you do?

Initially you don’t react and let it roll to keep the peace. Others are agreeing with the decisions to keep the peace too, although they don’t truly agree. The person making the decisions just wants what they want however they could get it. These decisions are based on principal and selfishness.

It gets better. Others now are saying what a great time they are having, everything is well and saying to you, don’t you agree? You are being approached several times a day from others and reinforcing their position how great things are. They want the peace and not speaking their truth. You just want your peace however this doesn’t mean backing down your feelings, its means responding from your heart and what it means for you. Be in your power, loving you and responding to your viewpoint. You have choices too, you don’t have to participate, change your plans so they resonate for you and respond (responding is talking from your heart and positive) not react (reacting is being angry, frustrated and negative)

Others then talk and try to convince you again all is well. While they are convincing you, lol they are trying to convince themselves.

This is what it is for them, be you, hold your ground, calmly and peacefully. Funny though, after the fact, a few days later 75% of the people agree with the decisions. They didn’t want a confrontation or drama that they did it for the peace and regret the go along momentum.

Imagine if people spoke the truth.

The selfish person couldn’t have been controlling and more people in dilemma. Also, the inner processing people did for a few days to admit they didn’t agree. We all have choices, choose your choice for your walk in your truth, peace and feel great for being you.

Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

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