LISAonthego Changing Others?

Can you change how people feel about you?

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LISAonthego Changing Others? LISAonthego can you change how people feel about you?

LISAonthego believes maybe, however they feel what they feel. Also, she thinks it depends on what is the connection to you: mother, father, brother, sister, child, boss, friend, acquaintance etc. Yes, you could ask them the story of why? However, LISAonthego feels that most people are won’t answer the question. They feel this is a confrontation and uncomfortable for them.

The people that are  willing to talk are so into the story and drama that they are not willing to listen because it’s their defense system. It is better for them to stay in the ego that they know what's best and are so right. This could feel: hurtful, betrayed, sad, disappointed etc.

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They are some options to help.

One visually put the person next to you and talk it out with them and then visually makes them smaller and put them in your heart surrounded by love. Doesn’t sound like this could work right? LISAonthego has done this and amazingly within a short time things changed. The person may still have their feelings, however they do come around to being nicer, tolerable, and more open.

LISAonthego feels people are in our lives for a season, reason or a lifetime.

People change, situations change, circumstances change; we grow; they grow and is it that time to move on a season or reason? This is not an easy concept or that we understand it at the time. When the time is done the circumstances or events takes place and relationship ends.

LISAonthego finds it interesting how people come into our lives at specific points in our lives to teach us or have us learn a lesson or both. As a life experiencer she giggles and is starting to understand they are no coincidences and that this was meant to be. Ultimately you can’t change people and how they feel about you. Change your thoughts and don’t allow others to define who you are. Our egos love stories and drama, take an incident or an action with a few people like cooking something simple. Now ask everyone there for the details of what he or she saw and how it went. We all have different stories and interpretations; we are all so right and yet we were all there. Doing all the above sometimes time will heal and sometimes it's letting go.

Good Luck and have a great day! Love, Laughter & Peace LISAonthego

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