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Your Life, What's Next? What’s Next in your Life? LISAonthego says you are the star in your life. Make your life. Yes, with all the challenges we face in a day to day. Think about what, what truly matters right here, right now in this moment? In retrospect, nothing.

One of LISAonthego’s huge learning moments were from 9-11. She has many family, friends and acquaintances that were at the New York City Twin Towers. What about the people who were late to work? Frustrated in traffic? Children being children and not on time, appointments cancelled or postponed. Yes, they were many tragedies and LISAonthego’s heart goes out to the people and yes some people were deterred from getting to their destinations on time.

You are where you are meant to be, we can’t control our lives.

We live our lives what we think is best for us and the universe has its own direction. It’s like meeting people, is it coincidence or destiny? This is the same concept as creating our own lives.

Be the star in your life. People could affect our lives and ultimately, it’s our choices what we bring forth.

What’s next in your life? What do you, yes you want? Not others, what makes your heart sing? What in your life is a challenge that you want to change? LISAonthego has learned everyone has opinions, judgements and interpretations on our choices. They don’t walk our paths, our feelings or truly know our stories. They think they do and don’t. We process our lives, events and circumstances daily. There is so much more that influences our lives and choices.

What’s next in your life?

LISAonthego has learned and is learning. Go within and listen to yourself, your spiritual heart. Find the issue that is your most challenging and what you want to change. In the quiet moment change to what you want, feel the emotion, listen to your thoughts. (you don’t like the thoughts, then change the thoughts, Now, to what you do you want). Be specific and detailed in what you perceive you want. This is called manifestation and the energy from your emotions are put forth.

Write an affirmation (https://spiritualfitnessonthego.com/lisaonthego-affirmations/) 

When you read it, feel the positive emotions daily and watch the reality of your life come forth. Remember it’s not always going to come to fruition how we perceive it to be. The universe has a way of doing things differently. However, we have control in our thoughts and how we put it forth in our own minds and out to the universe.

Loving you and what makes your heart sings create a happier you. This isn’t easy, it takes time, patience and love. The tools and activities on www.spiritualfitnessonthego.com helps to be on the path you choose. See life differently. LISAonthego wouldn’t be the person she is today without the website and LISAonthego blogs.

LISAonthego questions her choices, her path often and she goes within then keeps walking for what makes her heart sing. I am that I am and that is who I am.

Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego



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