heart is singing & your defensive

heart is singing & your defensive
heart is singing & your defensive

Heart is Singing & Your Defensive

What? Your heart is singing and you are being defensive in the same moment. What? What does this mean? Really? How does this happen? LISAonthego attended a Path to Heal group session by phone today and this issue arose. She has been contemplating this all day.

LISAonthego is practicing being direct, specific and detailed in what she wants to create in her life. Remember you are the star in your play to create what you truly want. It doesn’t always play out this way and yet you have the intentions to direct your life.

Now life is coming to fruition for LISAonthego in what she truly wants. She is excited, happy and looking forwards to her new adventure. Yet somehow things go awry. So, when Joanna Chodorowska https://www.nutrition-in-motion.net is engaging in the Path to Heal and the issue comes up to release. Your heart is singing and you are being defensive. We had a discussion on this topic.

The issue of what you truly want is happening and you self-sabotage yourself by being defensive.

Your ego mind comes into play, you can’t do this or that, spend money, take the vacation at that time, hire someone, come out with a new product, buy … clothes, furniture, car, home, food etc. You find ways and give reasons why you can’t.

Self-sabotaging the mind goes into racing mode. Being negative and giving all the reasons why it needs to be different. LISAonthego understands this it’s like you give yourself a diversion, you are at the crossroads and you change the course or complicate it. It’s time to just enjoy go within find your peace. Be thankful and appreciative and lovingly move forwards.

You deserve what you truly want; its learning to stay on the path and simplify. Stop redirecting, accepting diversions to be doing what you want. This is your life do what makes you happy and stay on course. Have a great day.

Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

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