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Perseverance for LISAonthego is running an obstacle course, you keep going even with the obstacles coming forth.

Why? Because, eventually you persevere where you are to be. In addition, on this path, choices are being made for your life that you choose. Yes, on this path they’re times the path looks bleak then out of nowhere this obstacle breaks open and you achieve what you wanted. It doesn’t necessary look the way you anticipated and yet in your heart its right for you.

LISAonthego is on her path of perseverance.

She keeps going and going. LISAonthego was in a book group, awhile back and read the book, Think and Grow It Rich. The book talks about a person who invested all their funds in finding gold. They worked at it for over year and relented that it is not working: sold everything at $.10 on the dollar; lost confidence, perseverance and gave into the ego chatter mind versus following their heart.

The new company that bought out the business continued to dig in same area. Unbelievable within the month the new company struck gold. It was three feet away. Could you imagine this, being you? You were so close, yet so far and you caved in. This person learned the next time around in his career as an insurance broker to persevere and found success.

LISAonthego is listening to her heart and continuing her path.

The path she is on, is like a rollercoaster. Besides perseverance, she is doing what she loves and loves what she does and feels this is most important.

Life offers challenges and obstacles, we all have them. It’s how we are going handle the challenges and obstacles that we face. This has helped LISAonthego become who she is today.

When is Perseverance enough for you?





LISAonthego answers when you are reacting to the event or situation. You are no longer happy and following your heart; continuously having negative thoughts or it's about being materialistic on things you think you need and you don't; or you need to change for you. Then stop what you are trying to achieve and find another path. Just maybe you came to learn something like the man in the book. His next career as an insurance person he was successful and persevered. Just maybe this had his heart singing helping others vs finding gold and all about the monies.

LISAonthego encountered this when she was a Realtor the ultimate, goal was monies and yes helping others to help find a home. However, with 200 people that are involved in a transaction the theme is monies, money for the professionals involved. She wasn't a good realtor, lol and her heart didn't sing, this career had interfered with her goals that were important to her like raising her family. She went within and is persevering her blogs and website. Loving what she is doing and doing what she loves, also she is living life and life is not living her. This is when you know when a change is necessary.

Have a great day. Love Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

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