Loved One Passed Away    

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Loved one passed away family, friend, colleague etc. this is part of life. It’s not easy because we are here to process the loss. Remembering the love, memories, what they meant to us, how they influenced our lives? What did they teach us or what did we learn from them? Etc. When processing the loss, we may have questions and now on our own to draw our own conclusions. This death has LISAonthego reflecting on her life and relationships.

In the beginning of loss LISAonthego’s mind asks, how do we get the through the days? Her answer one moment at a time. Love yourself, be gentle, take the time to go within and heal. In truth LISAonthego doesn’t truly know what we mean to others or what they mean to us until they are not present.

As time goes on and the holidays, anniversaries, birthdays etc. come and go some current relationships change, some for the better, some doors may close and others open. People that knew of us and connected with the decease now could bring a bond to you.

We all process differently, be gentle and kind to yourself. There is no race or finish line to get to, it's finding your peace and healing for you that matters.

It’s a self-realization of your relationship with the deceased and learning more about you.

The lesson for LISAonthego in this journey is people make their own decisions and choices. You either support them or you don’t. However, in either event people choose the paths for themselves whether we agree or disagree. Its forgiving them and you for your judgements of what you thought that may be true or not. It’s our own perceptions. Yes, others will have their own opinions too.

There is never a right or wrong way to grieve, it’s personal that makes sense for you.

Thank you for understanding. LISAonthego this past year has been processing, going within, alone time, being distant, introspecting and finding her way. In retrospect, it's learning about her and grief takes time.

Grief has its own course, learning what is important for you and sometimes this means we take time off or coast through life. Work, activities, meetings, projects are not given the time so you give the time to you, until you find your place and begin again. People may think the type of death warrants a type of grieving and LISAonthego says this is untrue. Whether from a short term or long term illness, accident, suicide, overdose, young or older person etc. Grieving has its own way for each of us and grieving is part of loss. Be you and what resonates for you.

Thank you for your understanding. Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

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