Obesity Crisis?

Think Again: 'There is no obesity crisis' (YOUTUBE video below the LISAonthego's blog), it's awesome, detailed, informative and makes sense.

LISAonthego's feels the word obesity is being misused today. For this blog, she is referring to obesity as being overweight and functioning in society well and caring for yourself. Truly being obese is a medical condition and for LISAonthego is someone who is overweight and can't take care of themselves on a daily basis due to their body physicalness caused by the weight. Everyone regardless
of our weight could "Shape-UP" our mind, bodies, and spirit, read more....

(an honest moment for LISAonthego - Professionals refer to her as "obese"). In LISAonthego's opinion, she is overweight. This video helped her to move forwards and start working on "Shaping UP" come join LISAonthego today with her quest.

LISAonthego loves this video it resonates for her. In the back of her mind, she has felt being overweight is not the main issue. If this were true then the professionals would have a specific food diet with the components we need quote/unquote "healthy". If this were true she feels with our technology and knowledge we would have a pill formula that would be designed to fulfill our human requirements. In addition, this could end world hunger.

With that being said the fad diets don't work even the best known. Two years ago LISAonthego did a health fad and a few months later a good friend joined too. We both lost weight, however, we also lost half our hair and breaking of nails etc. We also both gained back the weight. LISAonthego is ready to do this again her own way. Eating the foods that resonate with her, along with exercising, walking, yoga, meditation and just get up and around more.

LISAonthego will be using the tools and activities on www.spirituafltnessonthego.com. This website has yoga for everyone (Chair Yoga to Advanced Power Flow). LISAonthego will keep you updated on her progress. Today is the day she will start, tomorrow comes and goes, so there's no better time than in the present moment.

LISAonthego calls her new routine "Shaping UP" to feel and look your best overall.

LISAonthego also agrees with the video thinner people are not healthier or live longer than overweight people.

Back to the point. I agree with the video in LISAonthego's experience this has been true. She is not saying go ahead and be overweight, eat and drink the wrong foods for you. She is saying what are you comfortable with looking? Yes, LISAonthego also agrees with the video about exercise and says no it doesn't need to be hard-core. However, a well-structured routine to keep our bodies moving and circulating. The tools and activities on www.spiritualfitnessonthego.com have something for everyone. Now including wholesome products: skin care, candles, jewelry etc. (Come check out our shop www.spirituaflitnessonthego.com).

Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

#Shaping UP

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