Is your Doctor right for you?

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dr right 4 u

dr right 4 u
dr right 4 u

Is your doctor right for you? Do you like your doctor,  have your best interest at heart, listen to you? How did you find your doctor? Were they referred by another doctor? Friend? Colleague? How did you feel after your first visit?

LISAonthego has had many experiences with doctors. Some good and some not. Now with life experience, LISAonthego does research prior to the visit. Where did the doctor go to school? Residency? Years of experience? How are the reviews online and being subjective?

To be honest you are not hiring a doctor to be your friend. You are hiring them to take care of you to the best of their abilities and experience. Therefore, bedside manner is not important.

What is important in a doctor patient - relationship?

Is the doctor an expert in your health issue, symptoms or treatment? Does the doctor listen to you? Understand how you are physically and mentally feeling. Do you agree with their protocol?

You hire the doctor and now it’s not going well?

LISAonthego has had many encounters. She thinks she’s at the right specialist until the complications. What do you do? Listen to you, what resonates for you.

LISAonthego had many reactions to medicines some externally, however also those invisible ones. The ones on the inside that no one could see or test these are real. She goes to the doctor for a follow-up and they would make her feel so small. Like what you are experiencing isn’t happening and they’re so right. Stand up for you, leave, don’t go back, you know what and how you feel. Keep going until you find the right doctor for you and will listen to you and work with you. LISAonthego has an awesome general doctor, who’s background is pharmaceutical. Her doctor truly saved her life by listening and working with her during the difficult times.

Due to the complications and feeling awful for so long, years, like a roller coaster. She went to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. Conclusion, she has an abnormal liver enzyme gene and doesn’t metabolize medicines.

So, experts don’t have all the answers, can be downright rude and belittle you, know what is right for you and when to walk.

Once learning about the liver enzyme gene, LISAonthego went off all medicines. She also has Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome that was causing the issues and once learning the medical issues, she had a hysterectomy. All the symptoms stopped, just stopped she takes no medicines and learning about her.

Wow, when you are not well and on medicines, you are overloaded and the ego rationalizes life. Then she has the procedure and in a few weeks, feels like a million bucks, then what? This will be LISAonthego’s next blog.

These years of life experiences being ill were done for her and not to her. One of the gifts authoritative experts don’t always have answers, she learned to listen to her and be guided by going within her spiritual heart that was right for LISAonthego.

Have a great day! Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego


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