Transition - Not Well to Well 

Transition - Not Well to Well 

Transition - Not Well to Well 
Transition - Not Well to Well

LISAonthego spent a lot of her life not feeling well due to learning who she is and what she is; Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and side effects of medicines. She would have headaches (migraines), cramps, achiness, mood swings, fatigue, side effects of medicines, etc. These weren’t daily however enough that it disrupted life.

For LISAonthego there isn’t a measure of one’s discomfort or pain. You’re never a little pregnant this is the same concept. Pain and discomfort are pain and discomfort whether internally or externally.

Pain and discomfort are pain and discomfort whether internally or externally.

LISAonthego is learning not to allow other interpretations of what it is for her. Why so stubborn and absolute? For years, LISAonthego would have the internal and external discomfort and pain and told by professionals this isn’t true. One of the last times was a reaction to medicine, in addition to the obvious and being in the emergency room. The doctor said this is all in your head and you need professional help. LISAonthego thinks what are you serious? It’s obvious she was having physical symptoms in addition to hives. Feeling demeaned, helpless and authorities know more than how she was feeling and felt humiliated.

Once being home, she realized she had internal hives. These can’t be measured or seen and knows what she has experienced and told herself never again will she not trust herself.

After this experience and going to another specialist with the some of the same results and life living her she went to the Mayo Clinic. She is diagnosed with a liver enzyme gene not metabolizing medicines. Yes, not metabolizing medicines causes reactions, yes, she knows how awful she felt in the past. Yes, LISAonthego believes in herself.

LISAonthego went off all medicines and chose to have a hysterectomy. 

Transition - Not Well to Well 

Imagine a few weeks later most her symptoms stopped, just stopped. Wow, breathe, wait, she is okay, hold on, breathe, wow she is okay. Now What?

When ill and not feeling well our thoughts the ego chatter mind keeps us busy telling ourselves stories or judging and interpreting our lives. The ego mind is never stopping. You don’t feel well, and it appears to be difficult to change, so we play along with our thoughts, we rationalize our life and avoid any more conflicts because being ill is hard enough.

Now LISAonthego is feeling better, and it takes a few weeks, and she looks around and says, Oh My! Wow, this is not good and says to herself LISAonthego is actually unhappy and on so many levels.

She is truly blessed, grateful and appreciative to feeling well. What LISAonthego didn’t realize was now the real work began and she is on the journey.

Who is LISAonthego? And she started the hard, steep path happily, in love and fun discovering who she is? Where does she start? What choices and decisions do she want to make? The list goes on.

LISAonthego makes this sound fun and easy. This is so far from the truth and learning about you is work.

Being ill could be tiresome and learning about you could be energizing. Not one easier than another, just different.

When you are not well and lose yourself for many years and you “wake up”, what do you do? Where do you go? This is how came to be the tools and activities on LISAonthego’s path to learning about her. The LISAonthego Blogs were accidentally a real gift for her to process her learning path, who she is, what she is and you too could learn more you.

LISAonthego didn’t know herself; she was always concerned about everyone else, what they needed, wanted, thought and judged.

Now it’s just LISAonthego, how do you learn about you? Focus on you? LISAonthego Blogs take you on her path, has the tools and activities. LISA = living in spiritual awareness.

Have a great day. Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

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