Family vs friends. LISAonthego says both play an important role in our lives.

LISAonthego's family has given connections and a sense of belonging. It’s part of who she is. Her family has taught her traditions, foods she eats, habits, manners, morals, values, ethics, and interaction for relationships etc. From birth through adulthood.

When we become adult’s family still has those recollections of the good, bad and ugly on our accomplishments and mistakes.

As adults, we tend to fall back into the roles of our childhood with family members.

This could keep us stuck in our lives and not from moving forwards. We do change and families don’t always see this. This could take time and eventually does change. However, they do know who we are and where we come from and could give sound advice for us in our best interest.

Families tend to have no boundaries especially our parents and don’t hold back on what they think. Parents give advice with the best intentions for us. Not always what we want to hear and know it comes from our parent’s heart with love. Yes, they know it could makes us angry or feel inadequate and yet know it’s best for us to see another perspective.

Dysfunctional families with poor relationships still have us feel connected and yet know they do not have our best interest when they’re self-absorbed. In this is situation its difficult and you need to learn to trust and love you, go within and listen for your path. Be in your peace for the best choice for you.

Friends our own friends accept us for who we are. 

This is important for us to have our own friends, love us for us and help us to move forward in life. Not knowing our family dynamics or walked our paths, our friends base their advice on who we are today. They listen to past, present and future drama and stories. Friends give feedback on what we say and their interpretations.

Our best friends could be considered family and are around our lives but regardless there is always that safe boundary distance that is silent. Best friends have boundaries and know when they could express their views and when to back off. Sometimes hesitate or not speak the truth because they know you and your reactions and tread lightly.

Our friends could talk throughout their messages for us and we get to choose to listen or not.

Feedback it’s important for us and see how others see us so we present who we want to be.

Both Family and Friends are Vital in our Lives 

Family vs Friends

Family vs Friends
Family vs Friends

One is not better than another. They both give different perspectives and ones we have not thought of. They give us a connection to our world that we do belong and not alone. Also, understand us and some of our circumstances for good sound advice.

In truth the only friend, our true friend who knows us inside, out and wants to learn about us in our journey is us. We are our own best friend, love you for you, change you for you, be you for you. You matter, regardless of other perspectives, interpretations, judgments or opinions they’re our sounding boards to be the best you.

Yes, this is easier said than done it takes to practice it's why family and friends are vital in our lives. They’re our sounding board to help us to get where we want to go and be who we want to be.

Have a great day. Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

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