Perfect Life?

Perfect Life? LISAonthego who has a perfect life? In who’s opinion?

LISAonthego says no one has a perfect life and most people want to tell you what is wrong with you because they think they know. Isn’t that a domino effect.

Maybe your past was difficult or challenged or unresolved issues. Then you get older and away from the situation, events or circumstances and wow you look back and say, What? What the heck? Are you kidding me? what did I live through? How I felt or others made me feel?

Try to understand you were a child, forgive yourself and have compassion.

These experiences make you who you are today. Having a childhood does impact your life, who you are today. You may have trust issues, or how you act, how you socialize, the list could on and on.

Remember you as a baby, toddler, young child what could you possibly have done wrong for others to react or treat you as they did? Again, what could you possibly have ever done wrong?

You have and had no control over your parent’s choices, yes, their choices. Children don’t purposefully do things wrong. Children want to be wanted, loved and liked.

Not all families and friends are loving and nice people, they could: resent you, find you a burden, being a competition or just not know from their own lives.

Regardless you take it within personally and this impacts who you are. You graduate high school or quit and now you have choices to make. We get wrapped up in who we are going to be and where we are going and put our childhood memories in the past until an event or circumstance occurs and can’t be ignored.

We all go through this time at some point in our lives and this is truly the beginning of learning and seeing who we are. Looking within. No one has it easier or better than another that’s a perception.

Usually, this happens when you are far enough removed from the circumstances, events or someone that impacts your life or you reached a point of enough is enough and you obtain professional help. Then all the events and circumstances come flooding in, no longer blocked.

Then you go wow, seriously, really, it truly had nothing to do with me, or wow that was a negative reaction from xxx, this was my perception at the time and now look you back and didn’t know or see …

Yes, this is the time, we seek professional help, find spiritual modalities to help work through the issues, or make life choices in our lives and ultimately learn to forgive ourselves of what we didn’t know or have control over.

During these times of life reviews, it’s an understanding of who we are, how did we get there? The good, the bad and the ugly in our emotions, reactions and responding to our life events.

perfect life?

perfect life?
perfect life? photo by Terree O'Neill Yeagel (awesome photo)

Here is the best news, as an adult you’re in charge of you, you have choices, you are responsible for you and your actions. Today you are the star in your life.

Create who you want to be and go for it, dress the part and be the star. LISAonthego works daily on being loving, supportive, caring, dressing nicely, treat others as she wants to be treated, a professional blogger, eating healthy, exercise, taking time to enjoy her surroundings that she has created and her list goes on. What do you want to create?

In conclusion, we are not perfect, we came from perfection and here to make mistakes (sometimes again and again) to learn and grow into the person we want to be.

The only one that Matters is You, You Matter to You. You walk your own path, no two paths are alike, may your journey shine.

Have a great day. Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

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